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Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. The company hires a public relations firm which _____ improve their image.

A. will have B. ought to have C. may have D. could

2. The management is meeting to determine who _____ promoted.

A. must B. will be C. could have been D. might have

3. She was told she would have seniority and _____ ask for more vacation time

A. could B. could have C. can D. will

4. The committee could not agree on what action _____ taken

A. would have been B. ought to have C. should be D. had to

5. We _____ follow these steps to use the new photocopier

A. could have B. would C. ought to have D. must

6. I would do it if I could, but I can’t, so I _____ even try

A. had not to B. won’t C. ought to D. must have

7. Our ancestors _____ remarkable people to have lived with such hardships

A. could have been B. must have been C. should be D. will be

8. You should have told me sooner so that I _____ helped you.

A. could have B. ought to C. can D. must

9. Once you eat here, you _____ pleased with the service and the food.

A. had to be B. might have been C. could have been D. will be

10. The new software we plan to install _____ make our department more productive.

A. will B. would have C. might have D. had to

11. My receptionist _____ set you up with an appointment. Just go down the hall to your right.

A. can B. might C. may D. ought to

12. _____ I hang your coat while you’re removing your shoes?

A. shall B. would C. must D. ought

13. We _____ finish this assignment by the deadline, but it’s pretty unlikely.

A. can B. might C. will D. would

14. You _____ bring your spouse if you wish. However, you’ll have to pay for an extra ticket.

A. may B. might C. ought to D. should

15. He _____ take a taxi to the airport, but it makes more sense for me to just drop him off.

A. should B. could C. ought to D. will

16. I _____ have called you sooner, but our telephones weren’t working.

A. will B. would C. could D. must

17. Is there a chance you _____ lose your job this winter?

A. can B. might C. should D. must

18. If you want, we _____ book you on an earlier flight.

A. should B. can C. must D. may

19. The office ___ close on the day before the holiday. It all depends how busy we are next week.

A. will B. must C. might D. can

20. _____ I take your order now, or are you still deciding? A. may B. must C. would D. will


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. _____ my bag any where? I can’t find it.

A. Did you see B. Have you seen C. Are you see D. Are you seeing

2. Hello, Peter, are you back from the match? _____ it?

A. Do you enjoy B. Did you enjoy C. Have you enjoyed D. Are you enjoying

3. This is the photo of my great grandfather. He _____ married six times.

A. was B. has been C. had been D. is

4. _____ Helen my message when you _____ her?

A. Have you given / have seen B. Did you give / saw

C. Have you given / saw C. Did you give / have seen

5. Sorry, Could you say that again? - I _____ to you.

A. don’t listen B. didn’t listen C. haven’t listen D. am not listen

6. _____ before?

A. Do you two meet B. Did you two meet C. Have you two met D. have you two meet

7. _____ anyone interesting at the party?

A. Do you meet B. Did you meet C. Have you met D. Have you meet

8. I’m sorry I _____ to you for so long.

A. don‘t write B. haven’t written C. am not writing D. was not writing

9. I _____ very busy lately.

A. have been B. was C. am D. was being

10. All last month, I _____ exams, and I _____ anything else but study for ages.

A. had / haven’t done B. had / didn’t done C. had / hasn’t done D. have had / haven’t done

11. When you _____ to England this summer, please visit me.

A. come B. came C. are coming D. will come

12. _____ you _____ The Titanic yet?

A. Do / see B. Did / see C. Have / seen D. Are / seeing

13. She _____ in Uganda for many years.

A. lives B. will live C. has been living D. doesn’t live

14. I’d be grateful if you _____ to my neighbors and ask them to turn down their stereo.

A. can talk B. could talk C. did talk D. could have talked

15. I am a student and I _____ every night.

A. am studying B. have studied C. study D. studied

16. “I’m going to work in HCM City next July.” Thuan said he __ to work in HCM City the next July.

A. were going B. is going C. am going D. was going

17. “I work for a big company.” Lan said she _____ for a big company.

A. works B. work C. had worked D. worked

18. “I hope I will be successful in HCMC. Thuan hoped he _____ successful in HCMC.

A. is B. will be C. would be D. was

19. “I don’t have much time to enjoy myself.” She said she _____ much time to enjoy herself.

A. doesn’t have B. don’t have C. didn’t have D. hadn’t

20. “How long have you been learning English?” Thuan asked me how long I ___ learning English.

A. have been B. had been C. been D. were


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. On the way home, I stopped _____ some food.

A. to buy B. buying C. buy D. to buying

2. I’m looking forward _____ you at the weekend.

A. to see B. seeing C. to seeing D. see

3. I’ve met that chairman. I still remember _____ with him in a pub.

A. to drink B. to have drunk C. drinking D. drink

4. Don’t talk in class. Please stop _____ noise.

A. to make B. to making C. making D. make

5. We forgot _____ the door when we left.

A. locked B. locking C. lock D. to lock

6. The new employee promised not _____ late again.

A. to be B. being C. been D. be

7. Mr. Smith wanted _____ his coworkers.

A. to meet B. meeting C. met D. meet

8. The doctor told him to avoid _____ meat.

A. eating B. eaten C. to eat D. eat

9. This room needs _____

A. painted B. to paint C. paint D. painting

10. Do you need _____ a short break?

A. having B. to have C. have D. had

11. John’s mother made him _____ his room yesterday.

A. to clean B. cleaning C. clean D. cleaned

12. Mary is interested _____ new friends.

A. to make B. making C. in make D. in making

13. They have _____ lunch until tomorrow.

A. postpone B. to postpone C. postponing D. to be postponed

14. He used _____ football so much.

A. love B. to loved C. loving D. to love

15. I’m used _____ here.

A. live B. to live C. to living D. to lived

16. Sue’s parents let her _____ her own decision.

A. to make B. making C. made D. make

17. He denies _____ the cake.

A. eating B. to eat C. to eating D. ate

18. I hope _____ the MBA program at Harvard.

A. entered B. enter C. entering D. to enter

19. We decided _____ home.

A. went B. to go C. to went D. going

20. I can’t help _____ the book.

A. read B. to read C. reading D. to reading

Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. We are all tired of his _____ speech.

A. bore B. to bore C. boring D. bored

2. The _____ man was identified as her husband.

A. murder B. to murder C. murdering D. murdered

3. He couldn’t make himself _____ by his students.

A. understand B. to understand C. understanding D. understood

4. Drivers welcomed the _____ gas prices.

A. fall B. to fall C. falling D. fell

5. People _____ in large cities do not know the pleasure of life in the country.

A. live B. to live C. living D. lived

6. Children _____ up in the country are generally healthy.

A. bring B. to bring C. bringing D. brought

7. _____ to leave early, he sat close to the door.

A. Want B. Wanting C. Wanted D. To want

8. _____ loudly, all the boys go hoarse.

A. Shout B. Shouting C. Shouted D. To shout

9. They will leave tomorrow morning. Weather _____

A. permit B. permitting C. permitted D. to permit

10. Utterly _____, the climbers fell asleep at once.

A. exhaust B. exhausting C. exhausted D. to exhaust

11. He is _____ out of employment.

A. regrettable B. regrettably C. regretful D. with regret

12. Where can I _____ to Line Three?

A. transport B. transfer C. transmit D. transparent

13. Once in a while, I have my shoes _____.

A. shine B. shone C. shined D. shinning

14. Some of the criminals were arrested _____ the border.

A. cross B. to cross C. crossed D. crossing

15. The CEO was criticized _____ his reckless decision

A. with B. for C. at D. during

16. The photocopier needs _____.

A. to fix B. to be fix C. fixing D. to be fixing

17. That movie was very _____.

A. interests B. interested C. interesting D. to interest

18. I have no money. I’m _____.

A. broke B. broken C. breaking D. break

19. Oops! I _____ a mistake!

A. did B. made C. said D. get

20. _____ in a lake is very different from swimming in an ocean.

A. to swim B. Swimming C. Swim D. Swims

Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences.

1. She never _____ mountains during the winter.

A. doesn’t climb B. climbing C. not climb D. climbs

2. They prefer _____ through the streets at night.

A. walking B. not to walking C. not walking D. not walk

3. There are _____ workers picking cotton in the field.

A. not B. no C. not never D. no never

4. He wandered _____ far that he forgot his way home.

A. very B. such C. really D. so

5. Without effort, you _____ succeed in life.

A. will never B. never will C. won’t never D. never won’t

6. Many people were killed when the ship _____ in the harbor.

A. explored B. been explored C. exploded D. been exploded

7. _____ a tie, he couldn’t enter the restaurant.

A. Not wearing B. Wearing not C. Don’t wear D. Wear not

8. Anna seemed happier _____ Wendy.

A. as B. of C. over D. than

9. He seldom _____ ball with his children in the park.

A. plays B. no plays C. doesn’t play D. not plays

10. He _____ walk to work; he drives.

A. no B. not C. does no D. does not

11. We can’t afford _____ a new car.

A. to buy B. buying C. buy D. do not buy

12. _____ of the squirrels are gathering nuts; those two are playing.

A. Never all B. All never C. Not all D. All not

13. Her mother _____ to say that I had a heart of gold.

A. have B. used C. was D. was used

14. He has never given me a box _____ chocolates.

A. about B. of C. into D. in

15. I _____ believe how hard it was to pick apples.

A. could hardly B. couldn’t C. hardly could D. hardly couldn’t

16. We had _____ stay out too late.

A. not rather B. rather C. not better D. better not

17. He wanted _____ the exam.

A. to not fail B. not to fail C. to fail not D. failing not

18. I don’t go to that language school _____

A. no longer B. not longer C. any more D. no more

19. She will have _____ free time from now on.

A. lot of B. no C. few D. many

20. You _____ meet him now. He is working.

A. couldn’t B. will not C. can’t D. not
Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

A –

1. “Do you like this sweater?” Yes, but it’s _____ expensive for me to buy.

A. more B. so C. too D. such

2. Since we moved house, I have to get up _____ for school than before.

A. early B. earliest C. more early D. earlier

3. What happened at the meeting? There was _____ fuss about nothing really.

A. so many B. as much as C. such a lot of D. very much

4. This is _____ composition I’ve ever read! It won’t pass the exam.

A. worse B. the worst C. the worse D. worst

5. Christina is a _____ driver than I thought.

A. better B. the best C. very good D. more good

6. “You look tired today.” The dog made _____ much noise that I could hardly sleep.

A. too B. such C. so D. such a

7. I haven’t got as many CDs _____ you.

A. such B. than C. to D. as

8. We had lots of people over to lunch yesterday, but there was _____ food for everybody.

A. enough of B. plenty C. plenty of D. too much

9. I think you should be _____ and say exactly what you think.

A. more honest B. most honest C. much honest D. very honest

10. We don’t work together any more so I see him _____ than I used to.

A. more frequently B. much frequently C. less frequently D. lesser frequently
B –

Arrival in New York
Sam was feeling [11] _____ nervous as he left the airport. This was [12] _____ because the flight had not been good, but also because he had never been to New York before. He took a taxi into the city. It was [13] _____ a hot day and he looked in [14] _____ amazement at all the traffic. It was [15] _____ different from the small town he came from-there was [16] _____ more noise and [17] _____ more people and all the building were [18] _____ bigger.

He checked into his hotel and went to his room. It was [19] _____ small but it was [20] _____ comfortable. Before unpacking, he lay on the bed and after a while he started to feel [21] _____ better. Suddenly, there was an [22] _____ loud knock at the door. Sam was [23] _____ frightened and did not want to answer the door. ‘Who’s there?’ he called out, nervously. ‘My name’s Robertson,’ said a male voice. He sounded [24] _____ embarrassed ‘I sat next to you on the plane today. I’m afraid I accidentally took one of your bags with me. It’s [25] _____ my fault.’ Still feeling nervous Sam made his way towards the door.

11. A. partly B. rather C. considerably D. far

12. A. rather B. quite C. partly D. a bit

13. A. quite B. fairly C. complete D. slightly

14. A. far B. rather C. quite D. absolute

15. A. rather B. total C. utter D. lot

16. A. far B. absolutely C. totally D. quite

17. A. absolutely B. a lot C. quite D. utterly

18. A. considerably B. terribly C. utterly D. absolutely

19. A. a bit B. fairly C. partly D. considerably

20. A. slightly B. reasonably C. utterly D. partly

21. A. fairly B. slightly C. partly D. reasonably

22. A. utterly B. extremely C. absolutely D. a lot

23. A. much B. considerably C. a lot D. terribly

24. A. partly B. bit C. slightly D. reasonably

25. A. extremely B. quite C. far D. completely


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. Many people _____ this city every year.

A. visits B. visit C. is visiting D. was visiting

2. This program is _____ harder to get accustomed to than the old one

A. such B. so many C. very D. much

3. Learning foreign language _____ important.

A. is B. are C. have D. are having

4. The music that they listen to _____ them to relax.

A. help B. are helping C. helps D. helping

5. The articles that John has written _____ difficult to understand.

A. has been B. was C. are D. is

6. Taking a trip to the mountains _____ more fun than going to the beach.

A. are B. were C. is D. have been

7. The water in this swimming pool _____ too cold.

A. are feeling B. feel C. feels D. was feeling

8. This math problem _____ solved in ten minutes.

A. will able to be B. be able to is C. is ably D. can be

9. Exercising every day _____ good for your health.

A. are B. be C. were D. is

10. He _____ that smoking indoors not be allowed under any circumstances.

A. refuses B. insists C. conditions D. regulates

11. Going to the movies last night _____ a lot of fun.

A. were B. was C. are D. being

12. The clothes in those boxes _____ to my sister.

A. belong B. was belonging C. is belonging D. belongs

13. The Joneses must have left at least one week _____ .

A. since B. ago C. advanced D. during

14. Some children _____ too many toys.

A. has B. has had C. have D. is having

15. Can you finish your homework _____ next Thursday?

A. then B. by C. until D. till

16. Nowadays, most _____ have four wheels.

A. cars B. of the cars C. the cars D. among the cars

17. There are _____ more books that are benificial to you.

A. so B. many C. such D. much

18. When he got home, his wife _____ dinner.

A. fix B. fixes C. fixing D. was fixing

19. There was _____ left in the safe.

A. two-hundred dollar bills B. two-hundreds dollar bills

C. two-hundred dollars D. two-hundreds dollars

20. _____ at a distance, it looks like a miniature city.

A. Seen B. Seeing C. Having seen D. Having been seen


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. The boy to _____ I lent my money is poor.

A. that B. whom C. who D. which

2. The land and the people _____ I have met are nice.

A. who B. whom C. that D. which

3. Did you ever find out _____ penetrated in your house last month?

A. who B. whom C. that D. which

4. The year _____ the first man travelled in space will never be forgotten.

A. which B. that C. when D. where

5. I cannot tell you all _____ I heard.

A. which B. that C. as D. because

6. I can answer the question _____ you say is very difficult.

A. which B. whom C. who D. whose

7. We saw the girl _____ you say is beautiful.

A. which B. whom C. who D. whose

8. This is the place _____ the battle took place ten years ago.

A. which B. in where C. where D. from where

9. The princess was happy during the years _____ she lived with the fairy.

A. when B. in which C. where D. that

10. The town _____ we are living is noisy and crowded.

A. in where B. which C. at which D. where

11. The year _____ we came to live here was 1975.

A. when B. which C. that D. in the time

12. The teacher _____ house is next to mine died this morning.

A. who B. whom C. which D. whose

13. He was loyal to _____ trusted him.

A. whomever B. whom C. whoever D. whose

14. The knife _____ we cut bread is very sharp.

A. with that B. which C. with which D. that

15. Tonight I’ll do the assignment _____ gave us last week.

A. the teacher B. who the teacher

C. whom the teacher D. of the teacher

16. The lady _____ son went on a picnic with us last weekend is a teacher at our school.

A. who B. whom C. whose D. that

17. He has just gone to his friend’s house, _____ there is a party today.

A. who B. which C. whom D. where

18. Take _____ measures you consider best.

A. however B. whenever C. wherever D. whatever

19. _____ difficulties you may encounter, I’m sure you’ll succeed.

A. How B. Whatever C. However D. How greater

20. He is the only friend _____ I like.

A. who B. that C. whom D. whose


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. There has been a _____ change with the consumer taste.

A. Consider B. Considering C. Considerable D. Consideration

2. The young man has remained _____ about the incident until recently.

A. Silent B. Silence C. Silently D. Silencer

3. The landlady raised the rent _____.

A. Unfair B. Unfairly C. Unfairness D. More unfair

4. It is _____ that Ms. Smith will be hired as a full-time employee.

A. Like B. Likely C. Likened D. Likelihood

5. The lecturer spoke fast _____ to cover the whole chapter in an hour.

A. Too B. Very C. Much D. Enough

6. These computer we use at work are _____ faster than the previous ones.

A. Very B. Much C. Enough D. So

7. The tour group was waiting ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____ in the lobby, when the bus finally arrived.

A. Patent B. Patience C. Patient D. Patiently

8. At least the weather was nice, which was _____ to be thankful for.

A. Any B. Some C. Anything D. Something

9. The buyers wanted a truck that was both _____ built and inexpensive.

A. Well B. Good C. Badly D. Bad

10. The ladder was not high _____ to reach the seventh story.

A. Quiet B. Too C. Enough D. Very

11. _____ the chairman gets his exercise by walking to work.

A. Rarely B. Each morning C. Never D. Always

12. The captain’s solutions are usually quiet _____.

A. Sensitive B. Sense C. Sensible D. Senses

13. _____ president of the United States, but he also was a lawyer for a railroad company.

A. Not only Lincoln was B. Although Lincoln was

C. Lincoln, being D. Not only was Lincoln

14. We still have a _____ obligation.

A. Contract B. Contractual C. Contracts D. Contracting

15. The director has _____ been very kind to his staff.

A. Ever B. Yet C. Still D. Always

16. An international accounting firm was established in a _____ city last year.

A. Near B. Nearby C. Nearly D. Neared

17. The cooling system was _____ big to install in a single day.

A. Too B. Very C. So D. Such

18. The earnings report showed that it had not been _____ a great year after all.

A. So B. Such C. Some D. What

19. The Resource Allocation Program tracks _____ much time workers spend on different projects

A. So B. How C. When D. Where

20. It’s so nice that your assistant is such a _____ person.

A. Friend B. Friendliness C. Friendly D. Friendship


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. The customer doesn’t like that one _____

A. either B. too C. neither D. alike

2. _____ the man nor the woman is right.

A. Either B. Both C. Each D. Neither

3. Would you like _____ orange juice?

A. anything B. some C. few D. little

4. There are two contestants: one is from Canada and _____ is from the USA

A. another B. other C. none D. the other

5. The store has two lifts, and _____ are out of order

A. one B. both C. few D. any

6. _____ has left a bicycle outside

A. Anyone B. Anything C. Someone D. something

7. Peter has two brothers, but he doesn’t speak to _____ of them

A. any B. both C. either D. neither

8. What color shall we have? I don’t mind. Pick _____ color you like

A. any B. some C. that D. what

9. I found that _____ of the hotels in the city center had any rooms left.

A. none B. both C. any D. either

10. The doctors reassured Emily that they could find _____ wrong with her.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. a few

11. This door is always left open. _____ could just walk in here.

A. No one B. Anyone C. Nobody D. Nothing

12. Is there _____ interesting in that magazine?

A. something B. anything C. thing D. nothing

13. _____ ‘s cat is on our roof.

A. Something B. Anything C. Nobody D. Someone

14. Has _____ seen today’s newspaper?

A. someone B. somebody C. anyone D. ones

15. I only had two suitcases, but _____ one weighed over 20 kilos.

A. every B. each C. other D. the

16. She has _____ chance of success in her application for the job.

A. each B. two C. many D. every

17. _____ the towns had their electricity cut off.

A. Whole B. Near C. All D. Between

18. I’ve got two bicycles. _____ of them are quite old. I’ve given up cycling, so I don’t

A. Some B. Neither C. Both D. Few

ride _____ of them any more.

19. A. either B. neither C. most D. somewhere

_____ of them is in very good condition, I’m afraid.

20. A. Neither B. Some C. Either D. Any

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