For immediate release 13 December 2012

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Live Tape (2009, 74’, dir. Tetsuaki Matsue, documentary film) is all about intimacy, the intimacy of following singer-songwriter Kenta Maeno as he wanders through the streets of Kichijoji city on the first day of 2009, performing songs about life and love. It is also an intimacy that could only be achieved in a film made in one take, with minimum equipment and no script – the ultimate new-wave film.

Good Morning to the World!! (2010, 81’, dir. Satoru Hirohara, feature film) High-school boy Takahashi Yuta is effectively bringing himself up alone. His father is long gone and his mother is constantly off on trips; she leaves him notes and modest amounts of cash to keep himself fed. Not surprisingly, he's a bit of a loner at school. But he's fascinated by (identifies with?) the vagrant man who sleeps in a road tunnel near his home, and when that man is killed - apparently by a gang of local delinquents - he sets off on a quest to find the dead man's family and friends, following clues in the man's bag. For Yuta, this becomes a formative lesson in the ways of the adult world, taking him far beyond the teenage obsessions of his noisy classmates.

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