Faculty Meeting Minutes draft friday, June 2nd, 2006

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Faculty Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

10:30 am @ CP 206C

Attendance: O. Baiocchi, S. Chung, G. Mobus, E. Hong, D. Chinn, L. Crum, M. Rosenfeld, I. Bichindaritz, L. Lyon-Banks, J. Teneberg, M. Stepp, D. McLane, J. Burley.
1. Approval of Minutes:

  • 5/5/06 – Attachment I

Approved with amendments (Sam Chung motion and Ed Hong second)

  • 5/12/06 – Attachment II

Approved with an amendment (Sam Chung motion and Ed Hong second).
2. New Business:

  1. Faculty Search Status: Discussion of Candidates and Vote– Orlando

A representative from the CES and CSS faculty search committees provided the status of both of these searches:
CES Faculty Search – Larry Crum reported that the search committee recommended Larry Wear for the position of full professor. The faculty voted to recommend offering Larry Wear a position as Professor of Computer Engineering.
CSS Faculty Search – Steve Hanks reported that the search committee recommended that all three finalist candidates listed below be considered for the lecturer and tenure-track faculty positions. The faculty voted in favor of recommending:

  1. to offer Menaka Muppa a one-year position as Lecturer,

  2. to offer Daniel Zimmerman a position as Assistant Professor, and

  3. not to offer Anatole Ruslanov a position as Assistant Professor.

Orlando will communicate to faculty about what the status is of each job offer that is made. Faculty were also encouraged to make any new faculty hires feel welcome.

  1. Summer Faculty Hiring (if needed) – Josh

Josh made the motion that the Institute Director be given authority by the faculty to hire faculty as needed to cover next year’s classes limited to contracts not to exceed one academic year.

(Josh Tenenberg motion and George Mobus second). All approved (13-yes, 0-no).

  1. Transition of Staff Responsibilities – Orlando

This agenda item was removed from discussion.

  1. Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness – Josh

This agenda item was removed from discussion.

  1. UW Faculty Senate – Steve

Steve asked if there was a faculty member that was interested in the UW Faculty Senate position that is currently vacated. Isabelle volunteered and has agreed to accept this position.

  1. Faculty Support at Cherry Parkes – Orlando

This agenda item was removed from discussion.

  1. Special Topics Course change - Isabelle

Isabelle requested that TCSS 491: Capstone in Computational Worlds be made an elective course and no longer a special topic course.

(Isabelle motion, no one second, thus motion was withdrawn).
Some faculty members expressed a concern with the word “Capstone” be included in the course’s title. Isabelle will request that this topic be discussed at a future faculty meeting.

  1. 142/143 Policy Changes – Josh

Tenenberg reported that the undergraduate committee is implementing the new programming placement policy for incoming students. The committee has determined that the initial course equivalency lists for 142 and 143 will include 1) those courses that CSE at UW Seattle have determined to be equivalent to their 142 and 143, and 2) courses that ex-Faculty Fellows at the Institute have developed to be equivalent to 142 and 143. These equivalencies should replace any other equivalency lists used by the advising team.

  1. Vote on Professor Vu Dinh Hoa teaching TCSS 321 in Autumn Quarter 2006 – Moshe – Attachment III

Moshe proposed to faculty that Visiting Professor Vu Dinh Hoa be hired to teach a section of TCSS 321 during Autumn Quarter 2006. (Moshe motion, Steve Hanks second). Following a vote by the faculty, this motion was not passed.

  1. Other updates – Orlando

This agenda item was removed from discussion.



Faculty Meeting Minutes - Approved

Friday, May 5th, 2006

10:30 am @ CP 206C
Attendance: O. Baiocchi, B. Endicott-Popovsky, S. Hanks, S. Chung, G. Mobus,

D. McLane, L. Crum, E. Hong, L. Lyon-Banks, M. Stepp, and J. Burley.
1. Approval of Minutes:

  • 4/14/06 Approved with an amendment (Sam Chung motion and Larry Crum second)

2. New Business:

  1. Faculty Search Status – Orlando

Orlando asked for updates on both the CES and CSS faculty searches from members of each respective committee:

CES Faculty Search – Larry Crum indicated that there is another interview scheduled for next week. The committee will be exploring all possibilities.
CSS Faculty Search – Steve Hanks stated that the committee is inviting four finalist candidates to campus for in-person interviews. He also stressed the need for faculty participation for this process and there will be announcements made via email with the schedule.

  1. Calculus/Statistics - Orlando

Orlando indicated that there are some concerns about the calculus and statistics classes that are being offered for freshmen in the fall. The faculty recommended the undergraduate committee look at these issues (including viewing the course syllabi) and make a decision about this. Beth Kalikoff will also need to know what the undergraduate committee decides.

  1. Changes to the CSS Minor – Undergraduate Committee

  • The Undergraduate Committee recommends adoption of the attached CSS Minor proposal.

The proposal was approved (Steve Hanks motion and George Mobus second) with an amendment to strike “Upper division, writing-intensive course” in the Proposed Prerequisites section.

  1. Prerequisites for selected 400 level TCSS Courses – Undergraduate Committee

This proposal was approved with two requested changes (Larry Crum motion and Steve Hanks second). Changes to the proposal were:

TCSS 460 Client Serve/Programming – Change 371 to 360.

TCSS 431 Network Security requires 321 and 371.

  1. Colloquium Proposal – Sam Chung

The proposal was approved (Steve Hanks motion and Larry Crum approved). It was also noted that these changes should encourage poster sessions.

  1. 2006-07 CSS Committees – Orlando

Numerous changes and additions were notated and approved by faculty. Any committee positions that Josh Tenenberg currently has will not be changed for now per Orlando.

  1. VCAA Search Committee Nomination

  • Chancellor Spakes is soliciting nominations for the search committee for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. She would like a nomination from faculty for each program, from which she will choose 3 faculty representatives to serve. Nominations must be sent today via email to uwtfacgv@u.washington.edu.

The faculty recommended Steve Hanks and Larry Crum to be nominated for the VCAA Search Committee. Each had concerns about their availability if selected, but can work together as a team if needed. Orlando will send these nominations as requested.

  1. Other updates – Orlando

CES Degree proposal – Orlando indicated that we are still awaiting the decision about the CES degree. We have also received much support from the Tacoma community business partners.

A recent meeting was held to discuss the internal staff restructuring. Some people may be reassigned and/or laid off.
Chris Rials has created a proposal for admitting international students and is working with other folks on campus and in Seattle to get this proposal implemented.
The Port of Tacoma Director search has failed.


Faculty & Staff Meeting Minutes - Approved

Friday, May 12th, 2006

10:30 am @ CP 206C
Attendance: C. McGaughey, J. Haugen, C. Rials, C. Randazzo, C. Calo, S. Rondeau,

D. McLane, M. Stepp, K. Martin, J. Tenenberg, E. Hong, L. Crum, F. Johnson, D. Chinn, A. Fry, S. Chung, O. Baiocchi, J. Burley, J. Roshan, I. Bichindaritz, and G. Mobus.
1. Announcements:

  1. Institute of Technology Spring Party – Orlando’s House – June 10th

B. Quarterly Birthdays – Carmelita/Jessica
2. New Business:

  1. FERPA Information – Bobbe Miller-Murray, Registrar

Bobbe provided faculty and staff with information about FERPA and reminded us of its rules and regulations.

  1. Faculty Search Status – Orlando

Orlando asked for updates on both current faculty searches from members of each respective search committee:

CSS Search – Josh reported that candidates are coming in for interviews for the lecturer positions. Decisions are being made for whom to invite for tenure-track position interviews.
CES Search – Larry indicated that a finalist candidate is coming for additional interviews in the next few weeks.

  1. Other Updates – Orlando

As reported earlier via email, Jessica is leaving the Institute for employment at UW Seattle. The advertisement for her replacement will be posted soon and will reflect the position as supervising both administrative and advising staff groups.

The CES degree proposal has been receiving letters of support from members of our advisory board and community.
Discussions are still occurring with the Boeing Company in regards to their proposed degree options.
We are still working with the Port of Tacoma in regards to their pilot navigation issues. There may be opportunities in the future for our students to work with them as well.

  1. MSDS Information – Jessica

Jessica presented to faculty and staff a Material Safety Data Sheets binder full of information about items that are in offices, break room areas, and supply rooms that have the potential for danger. One binder is located at the Pinkerton front desk and the Cherry Parkes front desk.

  1. Assistantships for Graduate Students – Chris

Chris indicated that she recently received approval from Enrollment Services to accept international students. A main concern of international students is of financial nature, and us providing assistantships would help. This would also be a great recruitment tool. Larry provided the history of this idea and that there is a placeholder in the budget for this. Chris also stated that course support positions may be ideal. Geoge suggested one idea would be to develop course material for architecture classes. She asked faculty to keep thinking and discussing amongst each other about this idea for next fall.

  1. Graduate Deadlines – Chris

Chris reminded faculty and staff of upcoming deadlines, and to encourage students to adhere to these. Deadlines are sent via email to students as well as being posted on our website online. Josh suggested an idea of having the graduate committee meet just prior to the start of Autumn Quarter but George indicated that it is hard to get faculty here during the summer.

  1. Web-accessible Institute documents – Josh

Josh indicated that there is a need for password-protected, web-accessible academic documents.  Kris Martin has set this up and provided the code so that only Institute faculty and staff can access these documents.  The URL for these documents is:


A link to this URL will be placed on the Institute website. Some documents are already placed in this (e.g. promotion & tenure procedurial documents, faculty meeting minutes, etc.).  There was concensus that the undergraduate coordinator, graduate coordinator, and the program administrator will be responsible for maintaining these documents.

  1. Discussion and vote regarding 390 workshops – Donald (Vote for faculty only) (Note: M. Rosenfeld joined in this discussion via telephone).

Donald indicated receiving much feedback from faculty, staff, and students in regards to the 390 workshops. He also provided the history of the workshops and read student testimonials. It was decided by faculty (Sam motioned and Josh seconded, all approved) to run an absentee vote for all voting faculty members to have a chance to vote on the following proposal:

Continuation of 390 workshops subject to official quantitative instructor involvement with the facilitator. The facilitator should contact the instructor regularly about the workshop. Instructor will have the opportunity to provide input in regards to the content of the workshop.
The absentee vote will last until the end of business day Wednesday, May 17th, and results will be reported as required.
Update: Faculty voted to approve the continuation of 390 workshops with the conditions indicated above (11-yes, 1-no).

  1. Update from last faculty meeting – Calculus/Math issue – Larry

The undergraduate committee recommends that "TQS 311 Calculus and

Its Practical Applications I" not be used to satisfy the Calculus entry requirements for the CSS BA and BS.  This decision was also unanonmously approved by faculty (Josh motioned and Marty seconded).  It is important that program administration and staff communicate this campuswide so that entering students are correctly advised.

The undergraduate committee also recommends that Director Baiocchi immediately initiate discussions with Horak to teach a Calculus course next year based on Seattle's Math 124, which would be considered adequate to satisfy the program's Calculus requirements. Crum stated that Horak said that he is quite happy to teach such a

course next year.

 Tenenberg indicated that the program has been accepting only the statistics class that is currently being offered in the Business program as satisfying the CSS entry requirements for Statistics, and indicated that we will continue to do this by default.  It was recommended that during the next academic year that the Undergraduate Committee examine the desired curriculum for this course.  The committee should then determine if the Statistics course offered by Business sufficiently matches the desired syllabus or if it is necessary for the Institute to develop and teach this course.

  1. Faculty Merit discussion – Orlando (Discussion for faculty only)

This discussion was held in an executive session.



Prof. Dr. habil. Vò §×nh Hßa

Nhµ 25 ngâ 167 phè Tr­¬ng §Þnh Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 0903214339

Short CV

Name and Vorname: Vu Dinh Hoa

Birthday: 06. 11. 1955

In: Hanoi, Vietnam
Wife: Bui, Thi Kim,

Birthday: 08.11.1956

Dipl. Ökonom, Direktorin des Büros

„Development for Women and Children“


  1. Vu Kim Chi, 24 Jahre, , Student;

  2. Vu Kim Trang ; 13 Jahre alt, 8. classe.


9/62 – 74: School

1974 – 1975: German at Highschool for foreign language in Hanoi.

1976 – 1984: Mathematic in Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, Dr. rer. nat.

1985 – 1989 : Institut of Computerscience.

8/89 - 3/90 Praktikum in „Akademie der Wissenschaft der DDR“

3/91 - 11/95 Habilitation at the University „Berg-Akademie Freiberg“.

11/1996 Dr. rer. nat. habil at the University „Berg-Akademie Freiberg“.

9/98–12/ 02 „Institute for Information Technology“.

(Since 15/9/1999 Director of Center for young Talent FPT)

1/1/2003 Professor at University of Education Hanoi, Head of department „Computerscience“.

Hanoi, 20. 1. 2006


(Vũ Đình Hòa)

Công trình:

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Talk and Conferences:

  1. Vu Dinh Hoa: Về độ dài các chu trình tựa Hamilton (Quasil-hamiltonian cycles). Công trình hội thảo cơ sở toán học của tin học và bảo vệ tin, Hà nội 1987, 61- 65.

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Vũ Đình Hòa và Đỗ Như An, Số đồ thị Hamilton tối đại, Tạp chí tin học và điều khiển học, (gửi đăng).

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