Designation: d 2434 – 68 (Reapproved 2006) Standard Test Method for Permeability of Granular Soils

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(ASTM D2434 - 2006) Xác định hệ số thấm K của đất dạng hạt

10. Keywords
10.1 constant head; granular; permeability; soils
D 2434 – 68 (2006)

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D 2434 – 68 (2006)

Document Outline

  • Scope
  • Referenced Documents
  • Fundamental Test Conditions
  • Apparatus
  • Sample
  • FIG. 1 
  • TABLE 1
  • Preparation of Specimens
  • FIG. 2 
  • FIG. 3 
  • Procedure
  • Calculation
  • Report
  • Keywords

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