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0616. Tác giả chính: B. R. Hergenhahn
Nhan đề: An introduction to the history of psychology / B. R. Hergenhahn
Số phân loại : 150.9 H206; Đặc điểm vật lý: xix, 678 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
     *Tóm tắt : the early greek philosophers, after aristotle: a search for the good life. The beginnings of modem science and philosophy, empiricism, sensationalism and positivism      .


0617. Tác giả chính: Ludy T. Benjamin
Nhan đề: From séance to science : a history of the profession of psychology in America / Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., David B. Baker
Số phân loại : 150.973 L506; Đặc điểm vật lý: 266 p. : ill., 1 map ; 24 cm
Tác giả khác: David B. Baker
     *Tóm tắt : This book is intended to round out the picture of American psychology's past, adding the history of psychological practice to the story of psychological science. Written by two well-recognized authorities in the field, this brief (chapter 6) book covers the profession and practice of psychology in America from the late 19th century to the present. FROM SÉANCE TO SCIENCE tells the story of psychologists who sought and seek to apply the knowledge of their science to the practical problems of the world, whether those problems lay in businesses, schools, families, or in the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of individuals. Engagingly written and full of interesting examples, this book includes figures and photos from the Archives of the History of American Psychology. This is the story of individuals, trained in psychology, who function as school psychologists, counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists, and industrial psychologists. These are psychology's practitioners, meaning that they take the knowledge base of psychology and use it for practical purposes outside of the classroom and outside of the laboratory      .


0618. Tác giả chính: Colin Ryan
Nhan đề: Exploring perception : a CD-ROM for Macintosh and Microsoft windows / Colin Ryan
Số phân loại : 152.1 C428; Đặc điểm vật lý: xxii, 142 p. ; 24 cm.+ 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
     *Tóm tắt : This interactive CD-ROM allows professors to demonstrate and students to explore how perceptual principles such as apparent movement, pitch perception, visual illusions, auditory localization, simultaneous colour contrast, after-effects, and sensory adaptation actually work. These are the system requirements: for Macintosh - system 7.1, 256 colours, 640 x 480 display, double speed CD-ROM drive, and 8 MB RAM; for Windows - Windows 3.1, 256 colours, 640 x 480 display, Processor 486DX 33MHz, DOS virtual memory enabled, 2 MB swap file, CD-ROM drive, 8 MB RAM, and 3.5 inch floppy drive      .

0619. Tác giả chính: Mohan Matthen

Nhan đề: Seeing, doing, and knowing : a philosophical theory of sense perception / Mohan Matthen
Số phân loại : 152.1 M697; Đặc điểm vật lý: xxii, 362Tr : Minh họa ; 24 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Sensory systems are automatic sorting machines; they engage in a process of classification. Human vision sorts and orders external objects in terms of a specialized, proprietary scheme of categories -- colors, shapes, speeds and directions of movement, etc. This "Sensory Classification Thesis" implies that sensation is not a naturally caused image from which an organism must infer the state of the world beyond; it is more like an internal communication, a signal concerning the state of the world issued by a sensory system, in accordance with internal conventions, for the use of an organism's other systems. This is why sensory states are both easily understood and persuasive      .


0620. Tác giả chính: Rolf G. Kuehni
Nhan đề: Color ordered : a survey of color order systems from antiquity to the present / Rolf G. Kuehni and Andreas Schwarz
Số phân loại : 152.145 R428; Đặc điểm vật lý: xi, 391 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 29 cm
Tác giả khác: Andreas Schwarz
     *Tóm tắt : The number of color order systems developed throughout history is unknown but ranges in the hundreds. Many are no longer used, but continue to be of historical interest. Despite wrong turns and slow progress, our understanding of color and its order has improved steadily. Although full understanding continues to elude us, it seems clear that it will ultimately come from research in neurobiology, perception and consciousness. Color Ordered is a comprehensive, in-depth compendium of over 170 systems, dating from antiquity to the present. In it, Rolf Kuehni and Andreas Schwarz present a history and categorization of color systems, describe each one using original figures and schematic drawings, and provide a broad review of the underlying theory. Included are a brief overview of color vision and a synthesis of the various systems. This volume is a unique and valuable resource for researchers in color vision, and visual perception, as well as for neuroscientists, art historians, artists, and designers      .


0621. Tác giả chính: Jack Ryalls
Nhan đề: A basic introduction to speech perception / Jack Ryalls
Số phân loại : 152.15 J102; Đặc điểm vật lý: 149 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Introductory textbook for undergraduate speech-language pathology or audiology students on speech perception      .


0622. Tác giả chính: Jinni A. Harrigan
Nhan đề: The new handbook of methods in nonverbal behavior research / edited by Jinni A. Harrigan, Robert Rosenthal, Klaus R. Scherer
Số phân loại : 152.384 H109; Đặc điểm vật lý: viii, 525 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Tác giả khác: Robert Rosenthal; Klaus R. Scherer
     *Tóm tắt : For many years the Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research (Scherer & Ekman, 1982) has been an invaluable text for researchers looking for methods to study nonverbal behavior and the expression of affect. A successor to this essential text, The New Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research includes chapters on coding and methodological issues for a variety of areas in nonverbal behavior: facial actions, vocal behavior, and body movement. Issues relevant to judgment studies, methodology, reliability, analyses, etc. have also been updated. The topics are broad and include specific information about methodology and coding strategies in education, psychotherapy, deception, nonverbal sensitivity, and marital and group behavior. There is also a chapter detailing specific information on the technical aspects of recording the voice and face, and specifically in relation to deception studies      .

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