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0906. Tác giả chính: Carol Harrison
Nhan đề: Augustine : Christian truth and fractured humanity / Carol Harrison
Số phân loại : 270.2092 C109; Đặc điểm vật lý: xvi, 242 tr. ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This book is the first systematic attempt to consider the social and cultural context that shaped the life and thought of Augustine. Carol Harrison shows how his beliefs in both Christian truth and human fallenness effected a decisive break with classical ideals of perfection and shaped the distinctive theology of Western Christiandom      .


0907. Tác giả chính: Hans J. Hillerbrand
Nhan đề: The Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation / Hans J. Hillerbrand, editor in chief. Volume 4
Số phân loại : 270.603 H249; Đặc điểm vật lý: 484Tr ; 29 cm
     *Tóm tắt :      .

0908. Tác giả chính: Hans J. Hillerbrand

Nhan đề: The Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation / Hans J. Hillerbrand, editor in chief. Volume 3
Số phân loại : 270.603 H249; Đặc điểm vật lý: 491Tr ; 29 cm
     *Tóm tắt :      .


0909. Tác giả chính: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Nhan đề: O city of lights: selected poetry and biographical notes / Faiz Ahmed Faiz ; translations by Daud Kamal and Khalid Hasan ; selected & edited by Khalid Hasan
Số phân loại : 276.2935 F103; Đặc điểm vật lý: xvi, 291tr. ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt :      .


0910. Tác giả chính: Denis Noble
Nhan đề: The music of life / Denis Noble
Số phân loại : 284 D395; Đặc điểm vật lý: xiii 153Tr; 20 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Noble asserts, is a kind of music, a symphonic interplay between genes, cells, organs, body, and environment. He weaves this musical metaphor throughout this personal and deeply lyrical work, illuminating ideas that might otherwise be daunting to non-scientists. In elegant prose, Noble sets out a cutting-edge alternative to the gene's eye view, offering a radical switch of perception in which genes are seen as prisoners and the organism itself is a complex system of many interacting levels. In his more expansive view, life emerges as a process, the ebb and flow of activity in an intricate web of connections. He introduces readers to the realm of systems biology, a field that has been growing in strength in the past decade. Noble, himself one of the founders of this field, argues modern systems biology may be the view we need to adopt to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of life      .


0911. Tác giả chính: Pink Dandelion
Nhan đề: The Quakers : a very short introduction / Pink Dandelion
Số phân loại : 289.6 P645; Đặc điểm vật lý: 142Tr : minh họa ; 18 cm
     *Tóm tắt : In this generously illustrated book, Pink Dandelion, the leading expert on Quaker Studies, draws on the latest scholarship to chart the history of the sect and its present-day diversity around the world, exploring its unique approach to worship, belief, theology and language, and ecumenism. It concludes by placing the Quakers in the wider religious picture and predicting its future      .


0912. Tác giả chính: John L. Esposito
Nhan đề: World religions today / John L. Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching, Todd Lewis
Số phân loại : 291 J427; Đặc điểm vật lý: xi, 562Tr : Minh họa ; 24 cm
Tác giả khác: Darrell J. Fasching; Todd Lewis
     *Tóm tắt : Revealing the significance of religion in contemporary life, World Religions Today explores major religious traditions--Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and East Asian religions--as dynamic, ongoing forces in the lives of individuals and in the collective experience of modern societies. Moving beyond the almost exclusively historical perspective of many books in the field, this text takes a fresh approach, using solid historical coverage of the various religious traditions as a framework to help students understand how faiths have evolved to the present day. It connects today's religions to their classical beliefs and practices but also shows how these religions have responded to and been transformed by the modern world      .

0913. Tác giả chính: Roger Eastman

Nhan đề: The ways of religion : an introduction to the major traditions / Roger Eastman
Số phân loại : 291 R427; Đặc điểm vật lý: xvi, 535Tr ; 24 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Revised and updated, the third edition of this highly acclaimed anthology surveys all the major religious traditions--Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and African religions--and also covers Zen Buddhism, Shinto, and the religious experience in America. Ideal for courses in world religions and comparative religion, it introduces the unique claims, hopes, and wisdom of each tradition in its own voice, through substantial excerpts from its scriptures, prophets, and authors. "I have tried to pay heed," Eastman writes in his Preface, "to A. C. Bouquet's warning of many years ago that the study of religion may sink to the level of collecting dead insects or pressed flowers, which in the process lose all their color and reality. There is not much excuse for a dreary book about a subject as inherently interesting and provocative as the world's religions      .

0914. Tác giả chính: Willard G. Oxtoby

Nhan đề: World religions : western traditions / edited by Willard G. Oxtoby
Số phân loại : 291 W309; Đặc điểm vật lý: 597Tr : Minh họa ; 24 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This volume is a major introduction the religious traditions of Middle Eastern origin. The substantial chapters on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will stand as definitive surveys for years to come. There are also chapters on Zoroastrianism, Greek and Roman religion, African traditional religion, North American Native traditions, religion in pre-Christian Europe, and New Age spirituality      .


0915. Tác giả chính: David Adams Leeming
Nhan đề: The world of myth / David Adams Leeming
Số phân loại : 291.13 D111; Đặc điểm vật lý: xv, 362 tr. : ill. ; 25 cm
     *Tóm tắt : In The World of Myth, David Leeming takes us on a journey "not through a maze of falsehood but through a marvellous world of metaphor," metaphor for "the story of the relationship between the known and the unknown, both around us and within us." Fantastic, tragic, bizarre, sometimes funny, the myths he presents speak of the most fundamental human experience, a part of what Joseph Campbell called "the wonderful song of the soul's high adventure"      .

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