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0742. Tác giả chính: Jeanette Kennett
Nhan đề: Agency and responsibility : a common-sense moral psychology / Jeanette Kennett
Số phân loại : 170.19 J200; Đặc điểm vật lý: viii, 229 p. ; 22 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Distinctions between recklessness, weakness of will, and compulsion have been the targets of much philosophical attack. Beginning with the problem of weakness of will, this volume builds an admirably comprehensive and integrated account of moral agency that highly regards the capacity for self-control. It addresses with clarity a range of important topics-such as the nature of valuing and desiring, conceptions of virtue, moral conflict, and the varieties of recklessness-making this work especially important to those interested in philosophy, psychology, law, and moral and legal responsibility in general      .


0743. Tác giả chính: Duncan Richter
Nhan đề: Why be good? : a historical introduction to ethics / Duncan Richter
Số phân loại : 170.9 D911; Đặc điểm vật lý: 214Tr : Minh họa ; 24 cm
     *Tóm tắt : In Plato's Republic, the character Thrasymachus asks whether it is important to be morally good. He contends that the only rational policy to follow is one of strict self-interest; if you can get away with it, why not do the "wrong" thing? Why be good      .


0744. Tác giả chính: Hyun Höchsmann
Nhan đề: On Peter Singer / Hyun Höchsmann
Số phân loại : 170.92 H611; Đặc điểm vật lý: 96 p. ; 22 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This brief text assists students in understanding Singer's philosophy and thinking so they can more fully engage in useful, intelligent class dialogue and improve their understanding of course content. Part of the Wadsworth Notes Series, (which will eventually consist of approximately 100 titles, each focusing on a single "thinker" from ancient times to the present), ON SINGER is written by a philosopher deeply versed in the philosophy of this key thinker. Like other books in the series, this concise book offers sufficient insight into the thinking of a notable philosopher, better enabling students to engage in reading and to discuss the material in class and on paper      .


0745. Tác giả chính: Douglas Birsch
Nhan đề: Ethical insights : brief introduction / Douglas Birsch
Số phân loại : 171 B313; Đặc điểm vật lý: xvi, 203 p. ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This is a brief, accessible, affordable supplement for any applied ethics course. The text covers eight ethical theories, with each chapter focusing on a key ethical insight that helps establish moral guidelines to solve ethical problems      .

0746. Tác giả chính: Robert H. Myers

Nhan đề: Self-governance and cooperation / Robert H. Myers
Số phân loại : 171 R639; Đặc điểm vật lý: 179Tr : Minh họa ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Robert Myers presents an original moral theory which charts a course between the extremes of consequentialism and contractualism. He puts forward a radically new case for the existence of both agent-neutral and agent-relative values, and gives an innovative answer to the question how such disparate values can be weighed against each other. The result is a theory of morality which combines a balanced account of its content with a ringing affirmation of its authority      .


0747. Tác giả chính: Mark Eli Kalderon
Nhan đề: Moral fictionalism / Mark Eli Kalderon
Số phân loại : 171.2 M345; Đặc điểm vật lý: 193Tr : Minh họa ; 21 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Moral realists maintain that morality has a distinctive subject matter. Specifically, realists maintain that moral discourse is representational, that moral sentences express moral propositions--propositions that attribute moral properties to things. Non-cognitivists, in contrast, maintain that the realist imagery associated with morality is a fiction, a reification of our non-cognitive attitudes. The thought that there is a distinctively moral subject matter is regarded as something to be debunked by philosophical reflection on the way moral discourse mediates and makes public our noncognitive attitudes. The realist fiction might be understood as a philosophical misconception of a discourse that is not fundamentally representational but whose intent is rather practical      .

0748. Tác giả chính: Jesse J. Prinz

Nhan đề: The emotional construction of morals / Jesse J. Prinz
Số phân loại : 171.2 J206; Đặc điểm vật lý: ix, 334Tr : Minh họa ; 25 cm
     *Tóm tắt : In the first half of the book, Jesse Prinz defends the hypothesis that morality has an emotional foundation. Evidence from brain imaging, social psychology, and psychopathology suggest that, when we judge something to be right or wrong, we are merely expressing our emotions. Prinz argues that these emotions do not track objective features of reality; rather, the rightness and wrongness of an act consists in the fact that people are disposed to have certain emotions towards it. In the second half of the book, he turns to a defense of moral relativism. Moral facts depend on emotional responses, and emotional responses vary from culture to culture      .


0749. Tác giả chính: Anthony Kenny
Nhan đề: Aristotle on the perfect life / Anthony Kenny
Số phân loại : 171.3 A107; Đặc điểm vật lý: 173Tr : Minh họa ; 22 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Aristotle's teaching on the subject of happiness has been a topic of intense philosophical debate in recent years; it is of vital importance to the question of the relevance of his ethics in the present day. Aristotle's admirers struggle to read a comprehensive account of the supreme happiness into the Nicomachean Ethics; Kenny argues that those who are prepared to take the neglected Eudemian Ethics seriously preserve their admiration intact without doing violence to any of the relevant texts of the Nicomachean Ethics. Kenny has refined his position on the relation between the two works, offering a fresh examination and interpretation of the Eudemian Ethics on the basis of the 1991 Oxford Classical Text. He combines scholarly discussion of the Greek texts with reflection of the topics covered by Aristotle, taking account of post-Aristotelian treatments of themes such as moral vocation and moral luck      .

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