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3294. Tác giả chính: John Butt
Nhan đề: Spanish grammar in review / John Butt
Số phân loại : 468.2421 J427; Đặc điểm vật lý: xiv, 350 p. ; 18 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Oxford Easy Grammar texts cover all the fundamental and essential points of a language's grammar in a clear and user-friendly way, with every grammatical point clearly explained and backed up by examples in English before being illustrated in the foreign language. Each area of grammar is presented on a double-page spread for easy access and navigation, with all example sentences highlighted to show what is being illustrated. Finally, a full A-Z list of grammatical terms with clear descriptions rounds out each volume      .

3295. Tác giả chính: John Butt

Nhan đề: Spanish verbpack / John Butt
Số phân loại : 468.2421 J65; Đặc điểm vật lý: 276Tr : Minh họa ; 18 cm
     *Tóm tắt : With clear, open designs and exhaustive directories of verbs, including lists of model verbs conjugated in full, Oxford Verbpacks provide quick and easy access to all the details needed to learn and use a verb correctly. In these pages, readers will find full information about each verb, including meaning and usage, pattern of conjugation, and prepositions required. Oxford Verbpacks also offer quick-access verb directories that take you to the verb table you require instantly, and identification lists to show from which verb each irregular form derives      .

3296. Tác giả chính: Rosa María Martín

Nhan đề: Take Off in Spanish / Rosa María Martín
Số phân loại : 468.2421 M109; Đặc điểm vật lý: 248Tr ; 9 x 6 x 1 inches + 5 CDs
     *Tóm tắt :      .

3297. Tác giả chính: Ana Cristina Llompart

Nhan đề: Oxford Spanish wordpack / editor, Ana Cristina Llompart ; editorial manager, Valerie Grundy
Số phân loại : 468.2421 A105; Đặc điểm vật lý: 159 p. ; 18 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This "Wordpack" provides a thematic grouping of essential vocabulary from key language areas: people, house, city and world. These are then broken down and arranged in topics - for example, parts of the body, family and friends - forming an easy-access, quick-reference vocabulary finder and builder. The book both supports the "Oxford Take Off in Spanish" and "Oxford Take Off in Latin American" Spanish language learning packages, and is a stand-alone product for users at all levels      .


3298. Tác giả chính: Rosa María Martín
Nhan đề: Take Off in Spanish: Travel dictionary and phrasebook / Rosa María Martín
Số phân loại : 468.321 M109; Đặc điểm vật lý: 159Tr
     *Tóm tắt :      .


3299. Tác giả chính: Rosa Marı́a Martı́n
Nhan đề: Quick Take Off in Spanish / Rosa Marı́a Martı́n, Martyn Ellis
Số phân loại : 468.3421 M109; Đặc điểm vật lý: 128Tra ; 9x15 cm + 2 CDs
     *Tóm tắt : Ideal for last minute language learning, Quick Take Off In Spanish enables the absolute beginner or the refresher learner to speak and understand Spanish fast, containing all the essential vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation guidance needed to communicate with confidence. With 150 minutes of audio on 2 CDs or 2 cassettes and an easy-to-follow book, the course covers everything you need, from booking a hotel to travelling around or going shopping, through a variety of quick and simple speaking and listening activities. It includes a quick-reference section so you can dip in and out of your preferred topics, offers tips on Spanish culture, a handy ready-reckoner, and test-yourself assessments. A credit-card-sized survival guide gives you emergency vocabulary at your fingertips, and the light, transparent travel pack means that it's perfect for people on the move: if you're heading off on business or pleasure, you can get to grips with the language on the way to your destination and communicate with confidence from the word go.      .


3300. Nhan đề: The Oxford-Duden pictorial Portuguese-English dictionary
Số phân loại : 469.31 O435; Đặc điểm vật lý: 384, 69, 96 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 22 cm
     *Tóm tắt : The latest addition to the Oxford-Duden Pictorial dictionaries, the Portuguese and English dictionary provides the same comprehensive treatment found in other Dudens. This handy reference includes 384 picture sections divided into subjects as diverse as flora and fauna, industry, sport and recreation, the arts, and technology. The Portuguese and English vocabulary appears on the same page as the illustration to which it refers, and numbers link the words to the drawings, allowing the user to check quickly the meaning of a word in either language against its pictorial representation. The Pictorial Portuguese and English dictionary presents European and Brazilian Portuguese as they are written today, as well as European Portuguese variants, and differences in British and American English      .


3301. Tác giả chính: John Whitlam
Nhan đề: The Oxford Portuguese minidictionary / John Whitlam
Số phân loại : 469.321 J65; Đặc điểm vật lý: 634Tr ; 12 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This revised edition of the Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary offers new up-to-date vocabulary in a practical and easy-to-use format. There are thousands of examples using contemporary Portuguese, detailed grammar guidance throughout, and full pronunciation for every headword in both the Portuguese and English parts of the dictionary      .


3302. Tác giả chính: Tore Janson
Nhan đề: A natural history of Latin / Tore Janson ; translated and adapted into English by Merethe Damsgård Sørensen and Nigel Vincent
Số phân loại : 470.9 T678; Đặc điểm vật lý: 305Tr : Minh họa ; 23 cm
     *Tóm tắt : The book commences with a description of the origins, emergence, and dominance of Latin over the Classical period. Then follows an account of its survival through the Middle Ages into modern times, with emphasis on its evolution throughout the history, culture, and religious practices of Medieval Europe. By judicious quotation of Latin words, phrases, and texts the author illustrates how the written and spoken language changed, region by region over time; how it met resistance from native languages; and how therefore some entire languages disappeared. Janson offers a vivid demonstration of the value of Latin as a means of access to a vibrant past and a persuasive argument for its continued worth. A concise and easy-to-understand introduction to Latin grammar and a list of the most frequent Latin words, including 500 idioms and phrases still in common use, complement the work.      .

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