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3259. Tác giả chính: David Stillman
Nhan đề: Essential reprise : a complete review of French grammar, communication, and culture / David Stillman
Số phân loại : 448.2421 D111; Đặc điểm vật lý: 384 p. : maps ; 26 cm
     *Tóm tắt : "Essential Reprise - A Complete Review of French Grammar, Communication, and Culture" is an ideal review and practice tool for intermediate through advanced learners of French. "Essential Reprise" offers clear, concise grammar explanations, with examples of everyday usage. These presentations of structure are easy to read and encourage students to see grammar as a stepping stone to communication      .

3260. Tác giả chính: Harriette Lanzer

Nhan đề: French vocabulary builder / Harriette Lanzer, Anna Lise Gordon
Số phân loại : 448.2421 L107; Đặc điểm vật lý: 124 p. : ill. ; 19 cm
Tác giả khác: Anna Lise Gordon
     *Tóm tắt : "The French Vocabulary Builder" is an excellent guide for students, helping them to build up their French vocabulary, as well as preparing them for written and oral examinations. It includes over 3,000 words and phrases covering all curriculum topics, including home, animals, hobbies, food, travel, weather, work, media, current affairs, and environment. It contains special sections on adjectives and verbs, activities, helpful tips, and cartoon strips in each section to make learning fun. It also includes striking examples, illustrations, and strategies to help students grasp and remember new words. Answers to all exercises are at the back making it suitable for self-study      .

3261. Tác giả chính: Cathy Riqueur

Nhan đề: Oxford French wordpack / Cathy Riqueur, Valerie Grundy
Số phân loại : 448.2421 R313; Đặc điểm vật lý: 159 p. ; 18 cm
Tác giả khác: Valerie Grundy
     *Tóm tắt : Oxford Wordpacks are ideal resources for language learners of all levels as easy-access aids to vocabulary building. Each volume provides a thematic grouping of essential vocabulary from key language areas: people, house, city, and world. Presented in a double-page spread for easy navigation, these language areas are then broken down and arranged in topics, such as family and friends, holidays and travel, and parts of the body. The words are shown in context, with key phrases being given as well as the vocabulary, and the "Language in Use" section shows how the vocabulary listed is used in daily life      .


3262. Tác giả chính: Marie-Thérèse Bougard
Nhan đề: Take off in French/ Marie-Thérèse Bougard
Số phân loại : 448.3421 B435; Đặc điểm vật lý: 248Tr ; 18-20 cm + 4 Cassettes
     *Tóm tắt :      .


3263. Tác giả chính: Pat Bulhosen
Nhan đề: Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary : Italian-English, English-Italian / Pat Bulhosen, Francesca Logi, Loredana Riu
Số phân loại : 453.21 P110; Đặc điểm vật lý: ix, 981 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
Tác giả khác: Francesca Logi; Loredana Riu
     *Tóm tắt : Authoritative and up to date, this third edition of the Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary covers over 90,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations of contemporary Italian and English, with dozens of brand-new words in each language. More than just a dictionary, it also includes sections on Grammar, Culture, and Communication. The grammar supplement provides full information on all the key points of Italian and English grammar, including verb tables for quick reference. Language is now studied in the context of its culture, so the existing culture section has been revised and expanded to offer lively and useful information on life in the Italian-speaking world--everything from political institutions to how weddings are celebrated. The communication supplement gives help with all types of correspondence, including examples letters, emails, resumes, and even help with text messaging in Italian      .

3264. Tác giả chính: Michael Ashby

Nhan đề: Dizionario Oxford study per studenti d'inglese : Inglese-Italiano, Italiano-Inglese / Michael Ashby, Colin McIntosh
Số phân loại : 453.21 A109; Đặc điểm vật lý: vii,681p : ill, map ; 19 cm
Tác giả khác: Colin McIntosh
     *Tóm tắt : This bilingual dictionary is written specifically for Italian learners of English. Containing notes in Italian on vocabulary, grammar, and cultural differences, it guides the user through the traps faced by Italian students. This book is intended for italian learners of English      .

3265. Nhan đề: Oxford-Paravia : il dizionario inglese italiano, italiano inglese / [in collaborazione con Oxford University Press]

Số phân loại : 453.21 O-435; Đặc điểm vật lý: 2773 p. ; 24 cm
     *Tóm tắt : The second edition of the Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary' is the most complete and up-to-date Italian dictionary available. It covers contemporary terms such as aid worker, climate change, and life coach, and includes specialist EU terminology such as acquis and revolving presidency. The 7,000 most frequently used words in Italian are highlighted to help you learn essential vocabulary. This edition also features cultural notes that provide lively and interesting information on life in Italy, and a guide to correspondence, which includes sample letters, emails, CVs, and help with text messaging. There are notes throughout the A-Z text to warn of politically sensitive vocabulary, to alert you to key differences between Italian and English, and to show how words such as with and before are used in different contexts. This edition retains such popular features as quick-reference verb tables, and lists of vocabulary on topics such as seasons, rivers, sports, and more. It is an essential reference tool for all serious students of Italian at university level and beyond, and for those who need an authoritative and comprehensive guide to Italian      .

3266. Tác giả chính: Oxford University Press

Nhan đề: Oxford-Paravia, il dizionario inglese italiano, italiano inglese : concise / in collaborazione con Oxford University Press
Số phân loại : 453.21 O-435; Đặc điểm vật lý: 1627 tr. ; 22 cm
     *Tóm tắt : Oxford University Press, in association with Paravia (one of Italy's foremost publishers), recently published the outstanding Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary. Now comes the Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary, drawn from the landmark unabridged dictionary. Containing over 175,000 words and phrases and more than 290,000 translations, the Concise is the most authoritative Italian dictionary of its size. This new dictionary provides contemporary, up-to-the-minute coverage of Italian vocabulary, as well as detailed advice on grammar and usage and an extensive guide to correspondence that includes over 100 sample letters and CVs      .

3267. Tác giả chính: Dino Bressan

Nhan đề: The Oxford Study Italian Dictionary / Dino Bressan, Patrick Glennan
Số phân loại : 453.21 D312; Đặc điểm vật lý: 641 p. ; 16 cm
Tác giả khác: Patrick Glennan
     *Tóm tắt : The OSID will take students right through their years of Italian study, through to final exams      .

3268. Nhan đề: Oxford colour Italian dictionary plus : Italian-English, English-Italian= italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano

Số phân loại : 453.21 X434; Đặc điểm vật lý: xiii, 504 p. ; 16 cm
     *Tóm tắt : his revised edition of the The Oxford Colour Italian Dictionary has the usual exceptionally clear colour layout, but is published in a smaller format with crossword puzzles and word games included in the centre. These are designed specifically to build grammar and vocabulary skills and help users get the most out of their dictionary. These new features make it the ideal compact reference for students, and holiday and business travellers. This book is intended for anyone starting to learn Italian (at school up to GCSE level or as an adult learner), tourists, and business travellers. With: Lexus      .

3269. Tác giả chính: Debora Mazza

Nhan đề: The Oxford Italian minidictionary : Italian-English, English-Italian = italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano / Debora Mazza
Số phân loại : 453.21 D287; Đặc điểm vật lý: 614Tr ; 12 cm
     *Tóm tắt : This new edition of the Oxford Italian Mini Dictionary offers up-to-date coverage of all the essential day-to-day vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations. Now in color, this dictionary is easy to use and ideal for travel and quick reference      .

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