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Contributing Authors

Sharon Mielbrecht

Editing and Design

Sharon Mielbrecht

Published Source Materials

  • Pacific Disaster Center. 2009. Sessions presented for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Geospatial Intelligence (HADR GEOINT) Workshop. Pearl Harbor, HI, July 2009.

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Water Resources University

University of Hawaii

Office of Research Services

2530 Dole Street, Sakamaki D-200

Honolulu, HI, 96822

Pacific Disaster Center

1305 N. Holopono Street, Suite 2

Kihei, HI 96753

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) develops and applies information and technology solutions to foster disaster-resilient communities. PDC was established by the U.S. Government, and is managed by the University of Hawaii. The content of this document does not reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Government.

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