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26 Phan Khánh Vân (Group 1)


Course: Toán sơ cấp(121)_01_(SP Toán CLC)
TOPIC: Some inequalities and applications

Student: Phan Khánh Vân
Student code: 19571402090055
Class: 60th High Quality Mathematics Pedagogy
Teacher: Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Chiến Thắng
Nghe An, 2022


We are living and working in the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology. Acquiring those achievements is the constant striving for learning of each individual along with the right leadership and management direction of the leaders at all levels. Knowledge is an important factor determining the economy of a country. Humans are the central element in the knowledge society, the subject of constant creation. Education plays a key role in the training of people and the development of society. In the constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, it is affirmed: "Education is the first national policy".
Inequality is a rather complex topic and has a wide range of applications in mathematics. It is related to many other fields such as: Calculus, trigonometry, geometry.... Therefore, this is a very important theory. There have been many mathematicians who have made important contributions to this theory such as: Cauchy, Holder, AM-GM, Bernoulli, Minkowski,…. The inequalities named after the two men are widely applied in solving advanced and elementary math problems, and are applied to solving good and difficult problems in important exams such as: the exam for selecting good students, the national exam. We focus on the following two subjects: one is some well-known inequalities, the other is the application of those inequalities. To do this, we read a number of documents that mentioned the above contents, from which to analyze, summarize and systematically do what we can do in a reasonable way.

tải về 344.73 Kb.

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