Chapter 1: business in the information age

More collaboration and teamwork

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2. More collaboration and teamwork

-More cross-functional teams are created to empower workers and involve them in the decision-making
-High-tech devices allow more information to be shared, gathered, decisions implemented and conflicts managed more effectively
-Virtual teams might formed by distant members
-Free agents are hired on a project basis

3. Flattened management layers

-High technologies enable managers to make decisions and communicated them to customers, workers and executives directly

4. Global competition and cultural diversity

-As companies go global, workforce becomes more diverse
-Workers are expected to develop intercultural skills, including sensitivity, flexibility, patience and tolerance

5. Emphasis on ethics

-Misconduct cases are released widely on the media, which means companies and workers should be aware of protecting their brands and reputation


-Communication may be defined as the transmission of information and meaning from a sender to a receiver
-The meaning is the idea, as the sender intended it
-The process of communication can easily be sidetracked, resulting in miscommunication
-The process of communcation achieves its purpose when both the sender and receiver understand the process and how to make it work

Sender has an idea: 3 of 7
-The comm. process begins when the sender has an idea
-The idea may be influenced by complex factors including mood, frame of reference, background, culture and physical makeup as well as the context of the situation
-Senders share their ideas based on their own experiences and assumptions
-When senders know their purpose and anticipate the epected response, they are better able to shape successful messages
Senders encodes idea (4 of 7)
-The next step in the comm process involves encoding, converting the idea into words or gestures that will convey meaning
-A major problem in communicating any message verbally is that words have different meanings for different people
-Skilled communicators choose familiar, concrete words
-Senders must be alert to the receiver’s communication skills, attitudes, background, experiences, culture
-International messages require more caution

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