Chapter 1: business in the information age

-2. Ensuring message clarity (1 of 9)

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4-2. Ensuring message clarity (1 of 9)

-A clear message is one that is immediately understood
-Several techniques can improve the clarity of your writing
+Applying the KISS formula
+Dumping trite business phrases
+Scrapping cliché and buzzword
+Rescuing buried verbs
+Curbing exuberance
+Opting for precise words
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Keeping it short and simple
-Use active-voice verbs to avoid unclear, pompous language as shown here

Wordy and unclear


-High-quality environment for children are a necessary precondition for facilitation and enhancement of the ongoing learning process

To learn properly, children need good schools

-In the regard to the matter of obtaining optimal results, it is essential that employees be given the implementations that are necessary for their work to be completed satisfactorily

For best results, give employees the tools they need to do their work

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Dumping Trite business phrases
-Avoid trite expressions, state overused phrases that have lost their vigor4

Trite phrase


As per your request (As per là giới từ, nghĩa là “theo như”)
Enclosed please find
in accordance with your wishes
please do not hesitate to
with the exception of

as you requested
enclosed is
as you wish

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Cutting cliché:
-Cliché are expressions that have become exhausted by overuse
-Try to find another way to say what you mean instead of repeating cliches such as the following:
+Below the belt
+Easier said than done
+First and foremost
+Pass with flying colors
+Think outside the box

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-Shunning Slang and buzzwords
-Slang is composed of informal words with arbitrary and extravagantly changed meanings
-If you want to sound professional, avoid expressions like those below:
+Blowing the budget
+Social mediaa slang such as b/c (because), FOMO (Fear of missing out)

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-Buzzwords are technical but often empty expressions that have become fashionaable and often are meant to impress rather than express
-Business buzzwords to avoid include:
+Cost effective
+Value-added services with end-to-end fulfillment

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-Rescuing buried verbs
+Buried verbs are those that are needlessly converted to wordy noun expressions – nominalizations
+Verbs such as accquire, establish and develop are made into nouns such as accquisition, establishment and development
+Sometimes called zombie nouns because they cannibalize and suck the life out of active verbs, these nouns increase sentence length, slow the reader and muddy the thought

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