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Five years ago


I’m a hotel receptionist.
I’ve got a lot of friends.
I never read newspapers.
I travel a lot.
I play volleyball.
I don’t love cooking.
I wear make-up.
I don’t drink tea.

I work in a bookshop.
I don’t know many people.
I read newspapers every day.
I don’t go away much.
I play badminton.
I like to cook Chinese dishes.
I wear no make-up at all.
Tea’s great! I like it.

.IX. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the suitable words. Use the words in the box.











My grandmother is more than ninety years old (1) ____________ makes her the oldest person in the whole family. (2)____________ her old age, her memory is still fresh. She always tells us that many things used to be different (3)____________ she was young.
My grandma used to (4)____________ her day very early. She used to start her day at 4 o’clock while everybody else was still in beds. She used to do all the (5)____________ by herself. She used to make clothes for her children and as for her outdoor work, she used to raise some chicken and (6) ____________ and she also used to help the males to grow vegetables.
There didn’t use to be many pastime (7) ____________ . Her hobby used to be listening to the radio. In the evening all the family used to sit by the fire in the sitting room (8)____________ all the family gathered at night to tell tales or discuss family matters as wedding, harvest time or to assign the next day’s work.
When a member of the family (9) ____________ ill, she used to show him which herbs to use. She collected them from the near forest or from the mountain. My grandma used to know so many (10) ____________ methods to cure illnesses.
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