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Life in the past Phonetics:
Stress on auxiliary verbs in sentences
– Review: Used to
– Wish + past simple
– Life in the past
Phrases with some verbs
I. Choose a word In each line that has different stress pattern.
1. A. Surprise B. Event C. Behave D. Damage
2. A. Develop B. Understand C. Imagine D. Consider
3. A. Illiterate B. Communicate C. Entertainment D. Traditional
4. A. Programme B. Downtown C. Postman D. Custom
5. A. Importance B. Violence C. Buffalo D. Grandparent
II. Give the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete each of the following sentences.
1. You have to use your _________ when you read the story.(IMAGINE )
2. I think corporal_______ is now prohibited in schools. (PUNISH)
3_______ . , we used to cook five-colour sticky rice on the first day of the lunar month.(TRADITION)
4. Tom says he can’t put up with Mary’s _______ any longer.(BEHAVE)
5. Those _______ over there are friends of both the bride and groom.(ATTEND)
6. The photo brought back many happy memories of my______ (CHILD)
7. I think riding a bicycle is ________ , especially when it rains.(CONVENIENCE)
8. She said that in her village ________ used to be arranged by parents.(MARRY)
9. Thirty years ago only_______ people in the city had the television. (WEALTH)
10. We used to______ of our home village when we lived overseas.(THOUGHT)
III. Complete each of the following sentences with used to / didn’t use to using the
verbs from the box.
be buy climb play shop
swim travel walk watch write
1. In my childhood, there _______ so many high buildings here. There were
2. People _______with pen, but now they use computers.
3. My brother _________ football, but an injure stopped him from playing.
4. In my grandfather’s youth, people _______ by car. They rode horses.
5. I ______ to school, but two weeks ago I got a bike so now I ride it every day.
6. My sister _______when we went to the beach because she was afraid of water.
7. Mr. Lam _______television in the morning. He did it in the evening.
8. David was a good climber in his youth. He _______ very high mountains.
9. My parents______me expensive toys as we were not rich.
10. We _______in the town market. We bought fish, fruit and vegetables.

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