Bài tập lược bỏ đại từ quan hệ

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Bài tập lược bỏ đại từ quan hệ

Bài tập lược bỏ đại từ quan hệ
Viết lại các câu sau sử dụng các cách rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ đã được học.

  1. That man who lives on the next floor looks very lonely.

  2. The person who interviewed me asked me some very difficult questions.

  3. I saw some people and some animals that were working on the farm.

  4. The man who answered the phone told me you were away.

  5. Over two hundred people who attended the funeral expressed their grief at her son’s death.

  6. They work in the hospital which was sponsored by the government.

  7. The photographs which were published in the newspaper were extraordinary.

  8. They live in a house that was built in 1890.

  9. I come from a city that is located in the southern part of the country.

  10. The ideas which are presented in that book are interesting.

  11. The last person that we must see is Mr. Smith.

  12. He was the first man who flew into space.

  13. John was the last man who reached the top of the mountain.

  14. My father is the only man who I can count on.

  15. The last person who leaves the room must turn off the light.

Bài 2. Viết lại câu sau với những từ cho sẵn:

1. The weather today is so beautiful.

=> How

=> What

2. The chocolate is so sweet

=> How

=> What

3. These questions are so difficult.

=> How

=> What
Bài 3; Dùng câu cảm thán với “what” và “how” để viết lại những câu sau

1. He is very gentle

⇒He is _________________

2. My mother buy a cute shirt

⇒Such _________________

3. Flowers are smelt very adorous

⇒What _________________

4. She is very beautiful

⇒She is _________________

5. It is a sour orange

⇒What ________________

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