B. My best subject was literature. My worst subject was history

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a. I started primary school in 2009. I started secondary school in 2014. I most like discovering new things because I'm always very excited about them.

b. My best subject was literature. My worst subject was history.
c. At the moment, I am studying for certificates in Informatics and English.
d. Yes, there is. I really would like to study drawing.
e. In this year, I am taking some exams. I think maybe I will pass them because I will try to make them the best I can.
f. To get into university and get a degree in my country, we have to put in a lot of effort. I don't know the most difficult of course to get on.
g. There are lots of kinds of training people can learn everywhere, like online or offline.
h. The good thing about the education system in my country is that everyone is encouraged to learn. The bad thing is that

the curriculum is mostly theoretical and very difficult.

i. In my country, people attach great importance to foreign languages. Most people learn English. Any age can start learning a foreign language.
j. Currently there are many job opportunities, the level of difficulty when applying for a job depends on your qualifications. There are also a lot of people who are unemployed or doing the wrong jobs.
k. Marketing, languages, and information technology are the professions chosen by many young people. Because they have great prospects and don't worry about unemployment.
l. If you apply for a job in my country, you will have to go through an interview. If you make a good impression on the employers, you will be considered for the next round
m. The information technology industry is

the most popular among men. The economic sector is most loved by women

n. There are many professions that make a lot of money, it depends on your qualifications. For me, money is also important in choosing a career.
o. I am studying the best to achieve the university requirements and earn the soft skills like communication skills or negotiation skills to make my dream of being a businesswoman in the future.
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