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8.2. Extension of Database Website.

Based on the updated results of the Urban Water Supply Database and the construction of Database for Urban Wastewater Treatment (WWT), the Database Website has been upgraded and extended to manage the performance indicators for benchmarking of the operation capacity and effectiveness of the water supply & sewerage companies.

8.2.1. Database structure design:

The Website’s Database was developed from the designed before Database system with the spirit in which all information and data as well as the questionnaires and the indicators that were built since 2013 will be maintained. Therefore, the Database structure has not much major changes in term of designing (see the details in Annex 8 of this report).

All the questions and indicators are combined into the KPIs. The KPIs are managed by version, i.e. version 00, 01, ... Each year the management Agency of the Database Website can review and have newly updated version for the KPIs by each field of water supply or water drainage.

The values of KPIs are put in a common pool in the Database so that the Consulting unit and the Webite Administration unit can select, review for update and report according to the management requirements.

The value of the KPIs can be selected and updated from the Questionnaires by each field of the water sector and must be reported by the Utilities operating in the respective field.

The indicators and the Questionnaires of each issuing year are managed by version. The Questionnaire’s versions are named by the issuing year of that versions. Currently, there are 03 questionnaire versions available on the system: 02 Questionnaire’s versions for urban water supply field issued in years 2011 (applied for collecting data of years 2011, 2012) and 2015 (applied for collecting data of years 2013, 2014) , 01 Questionnaire’s version for urban wastewater treatment field edited in year 2015 (applied for collecting data of year 2014).

Below is the diagram of data entry process of the upgraded and extended Database Website system.

In this diagram, (1) are the rights for system administration, (2) are the rights for users in water companies.

group 3

Explanation for the information in the diagram:

  • The questionnaire here is the data stored in questionnaire browsing table, including all the questions used in the system, including water supply and sewerage.

  • The versions of the questionnaire will be saved in the newly created table: Questionnaire Version

  • After uploading the data will be saved in questionnaire_annualtemp table.

8.2.2. Website layout

The layout of the new Website has some additional menus and the menus have been re-arranged by function so that the users can search for information more easily, concretely as following:

  • The main menus are separated by the service sector of the water Utilities: water supply, wastewater treatment and drainage. The contents like data input, questionnaire template and reports are aggregated by each sector and put into the main menu of that sector. Each of the main menu has the sub-menus for data input and viewing the reports by each respective sector.

  • The maintained and upgraded menus:

  • For Admin: is maintained in term of layout and functions as in the previous version, besides the functions have been improved and supplemented in addition (see the details in “User Manual for the Vietnam Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Sector Database Website – Version 2.0”);

  • Water Supply services: This is the menu for displaying the detailed information of the Utilities operating in the field of Water Supply services, including the sub-menus for Input of data, Download and Upload of Questionnaires, the Reports (Utility Report, Indicator Report, Yearly Trend Report and Combined Evaluation Report of the Utilities participated in the Database of the reporting year), Checking Data of the Utilities having the data provided through the ToolKit set that is specially developed and supported by IBNET for Vietnam;

  • Contact: The structure and functions of this menu is maintained as in the previous version.

  • Additional developed menus:

  • Wastewater Treatment service: This menu has structure and functions similar to the Water Supply services, but serving the Utilities of Wastewater Treatment service operations.

  • Drainage: The water drainage menu is prepared as ready-to-serve menu for later stage to input the information and data of water drainage field to the Database Website. It has structure and functions similar to two above mentioned fields.

  • Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Project: This is the menu to be used to upload the project documents to the system, allowing the users to be able to view and download the related documents as well as quickly look for the project’s activities information.

  • Site Map: This menu lists out all of the menus of the Website on a separate page that displays information in the directory structure for the users to be more convenient to understand and access the Website contents.

Layout of Database Website’s homepage.

8.2.3. The main menus and windows of Database Website’s homepage.




To login the Website as the Administrator or the Utility (the user).


To register the participation as a member.


Allows to choose one of two languages: Vietnamese or English.

Main Menus List:

For Admin

Applied only for the user in the role of administrator. This menu cannot be used without the login.

Water Supply Services

- The Water Supply Utilities can upload data to the Website after access to this menu.

- The user can mark to several chart types and download its in PDF files.

Water Supply Services

- The Wastewater Treatment Utilities can upload data to the Website after access to this menu.

- The user can mark to several chart types and download its in PDF files.


This menu is prepared as ready-to-serve menu for later stage to input the information and data of water drainage field.

Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Project

The user can search for contract’s documents as well as the sum-up reports and activities evaluation reports of the project after access to this menu.


Provides the links to the internal and external websites.

Contact Us

The user can give questions to the Administrator after access to this menu.

Site Map

Aggregates all the menus of Website in a directory structure.

Vietnam Map

Allows viewing / checking the data of 6 main regions of Vietnam on this map. The popup data for a region is shown when moving the mouse on the map of that region.

“REPORTS” window

Allows accessing the contents similar to the contents of “Reports” item of each field in Main Menus List.

“Benchmarking RESOURCE” window

Connected to the ‘‘Resource” item in the Database, displaying information of the documents published on the Website, including the legal documents and regulations (Decrees, Circulars, Decisions) and other related guidlines and management documents in the field of technical infrastructure.


Allows the user to download the Questionnaires of “2015 Water Supply” and “2015 Wastewater Treatment” services.

“Vietnam ToolKit Download” window

Allows the user to download the ToolKit for checking the data of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment services.

“LINKS” window

Connected to the related websites with the links displayed in “Links” item of Main Manus List.

“CONTACT US” window

Provides contact telephone number of Website Administration Unit, connected to “Contact Us” item in Main Menus List.

Statistic information

Counting the people number accessed to the Website and the online number at the current time.

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