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8.1. Website upgrade

8.1.1. Reviewing the operation of the developed database Website.

The Database of Vietnam Urban Water Supply Sector in year 2011 was officially published on the Website with the domain name of and in the beginning of April 2013. The Website has been maintained and updated by the Ministry of Construction with the additional water supply data of year 2012.

The Urban Water Supply Database Website was designed based on .NET Framework technology platform, using MySQL database management system, Microsoft Windows Server operating system, C # and VB Script programming languages, and Webform User Interfaces. The Website’s details were presented in Appendix 4 of the Inception Report in March 2015. In general, the existing Urban Water Supply Database Website has been assessed as relatively stable in operation and satisfying the needs of users since the time it was published and put in operation. Some errors arisen after updating the data of year 2012 have been informed to the maintenance partner for amending and fixing timely.

Regarding equipment infrastructure for Internet connection of Database Server, Web services Server, protection Firewall and other peripherals devices of Database Website, in fact these devices have been equipped with powerful enough configurations to meet the operation and management needs of MABUTIP for the Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Database when having additional updates of the water supply data of years 2013, 2014 and additional integration of the Wastewater Treatment data of year 2014 as well as the database updates of the following years.

8.1.2. Correction of errors and maintaining the operation of existing Website (the data of year 2011, 2012) to continue the update of urban water supply data of year 2013 and 2014.

The corrected and fixed errors include:

  • Some indicators have values in the Excel spreadsheet, but displayed as “null” on the Website; the values without “null” were corrected to “-“;

  • Automatic rounding the values of indicators calculated in VND to tens digit;

  • The links to associated websites: Correction of the links connected to the water sector websites of some other relevant countries;

  • Could not view and download the PDF reports for some water utilities that already have the data on Website;

  • Download to view or save the individual reports by indicator (PDF file);

  • Co-ordinating with the data specialists to design out: new Questionnaire Templates (2015 version) for collecting the data of urban water supply service in years 2013 and 2014, and of the Wastewater Treatment Service in year 2014. Accordingly, the Quick Report Templates at Utility level and by region, the Indicators Selection Report and Combined Data Report of the Utilities participated in reporting year have been modified also by the relevant information group and data group, helping the data providing as well as the looking for data to be more easy and convenient.

For example: To eliminate the wrong input of data type, for the answers that must be inputted in number, the Questionnaire will not allow the user to input data in other types (i.e. the string type). If the user input data in other types, then there will be a popup notice to the user to remind which data type need to be inputted.

Simultaneously, some calculations have been integrated additionally into the Questionnaire to compare the answers that are having contents relevant to each other in order to eliminate the user to input data incorrect with physical logic, such as the population number benefited from the clean water supply is bigger than the population number within the service area, etc…

  • Improving the data input and upload from Excel files to the system, avoiding the cases of having the data in Excel files, but no data on the Website.

  • Solving the issues related to the fact that the Website could not receive the data in the forms of drop box, Yes/No questions, etc…

  • Optimizing the indicators value calculations that are based on the data collected from the Utilities, minimizing the errors and enhancing the output of indicators value calculation.

8.1.3. Improved contents

  • Improved and increased the user-friendliness and the easily searching function for the reports available on the Website in the sections of “Create Individual Utility Report”, “Create Indicator Report”, “Create Yearly Trend Report”, “Combined Indicators of the Database”. The improved contents include:

  • Added the dropbox part to divide the regions for the Utilities in the section of “Create Individual Utility Report” for both Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment fields, allowing the user to be able to quickly select the Utilitities by region. Separated the English reports and Vietnamese reports for each Utility and by each version of Questionnaire. When the user login by English and printing out the individual Utility report, the English report will be given out and vice versa.

  • Added the part of division by region, by area and by Utility code for the Indicator Reports. Accordingly, the Utilities position has been arranged by region and by convention code (that has been updated on IBNET) unified between the calculated database and the data displayed on the Website, helping the looking for data and the data comparison to be more easy and convenient.

  • Improved the part of quick looking for data (on the Vietnam map on Website’s homepage): Accordingly, the data of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment services of the nearest year will be displayed when pointing at each region on the map.

  • Added the note part for the Combined Report of Database, corrected the indicators of this report for both Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment fields.

  • Added the access number counting & online number counting function on the homepage of Website.

  • Separated the Combined Report of Database (water supply and wastewater treatment) from the Resource section.

  • Separated the parts of English documents input and Vietnamese documents input on the Website. When the Administrators login to the system by Vietnamese and upload the report file, then the users will only see that file when they are loging to the system by Vietnamese. This will help to avoid the distraction for the users when there are too much of documents in both English and Vietnamese that can be displayed at the same time on an interface of Website.

  • Changed the access right assigment function of the Website, allowing the Website’s Administrator to be able to input and correct the published data of all Utilities that are having data on the Website.

  • Added the function to calculate and display immediately the indicator values when the Utilities input the data into the system, no need to wait for the confirmation of Website’s Administrator, allowing the Utilities to re-check quickly the correctness of their inputted information and answers.

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