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1.1. Water Sector Performance Database

The evaluations of annual performance of utilities through Benchmarking are needed aimed at helping managers and policymakers in the water sector to improve performance and improve the quality of its services.

In Vietnam, with the World Bank assistance, the implementation of benchmarking in water sector has been carried out by VWSA in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2010 to assess the performance of water utilities for the years 1997 to 2009.

Development of Water Sector Performance Database”

  1. Water sector performance database has been established in August 2011 and was formally released on March 2013 that are main output of the project component under Vietnam Urban Water Supply Development Project funded by WB aimed at helping the MoC in improving the policy setting and oversight functions and maintaining a sector database reflecting the current water sector management and investments. The scope of work included as following:

  1. Develop questionnaires (151 questions) to collect data and indicators set (51 indictors) to assess the performance of each water supply utility.

  2. Collect data from 81 water utilities in 63 provinces/cities in the country. As result, the water sector performance database for year 2011 has been developed (including 79 utilities)

  3. Develop website to publish water sector database at and

  1. Following the water sector database has been updated in year 2012 with data inputs of 84 water utilities (including 77 participating utilities in 2012 and 7 utilities participated in 2011 but did not participating in 2012).

  2. During implementation, the water sector database needs to be improved/updated data for next years and developed database on drainage/sewerage utilities as namely Water and Sewerage Sector Performance Database. These tasks will be undertaken and completed under the contract “MOC-01: Development of Water and Sewerage Sector Performance Database”.

1.2. Consulting service contract for development of water and sewerage sector performance database

Under Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Project (Cr.4948-VN) funded by WB, MABUTIP has signed contract for development of water and sewerage sector performance database with InvestConsult Group. The specific objectives of the assignment is to develop a comprehensive database system including performance indicators for water supply and drainage companies, through report requirements, website development for database management and update of applicable policies to improve regulatory capacity for the Ministry of Construction and other government agencies. The consulting services will include the following major activities:

  1. Activity 1: Update data on water utilities for years 2013 and 2014

  • Task 1.1. Review questionnaires and indicators set;

  • Task 1.2. Collect data for years 2013 and 2014;

  • Task 1.3. Data verification/Processing and Publish water sector data for years 2013 and 2014 in the developed website.

  1. Activity 2: Development of Database on Drainage/Sewerage Utilities

  • Task 2.1. Development of questionnaires and indicators for wastewater treatment services;

  • Task.2. Collect data on wastewater treatment services for year 2014;

  • Task 2.3. Data verification/Processing and Publish Sewerage Sector Database for 2014 in the developed website;

  1. Activity 3: Update and Improvement of Water and Sewerage Sector Performance Database Website

  • Task 3.1 Review the current operation of the Website;

  • Task 3.2 Update and improve the website with the addition of data on drainage utilities;

  • Task 3.3 Provide training / guidance for the utilities and government agencies to use the Website and guarantee the operation the Web-site;

  • Activity 4: Workshop for result dissemination, including;

  • Task 4.1 Draft an Assessment Report on the performance of all participating utilities;

  • Task 4.2 Work with the Employer to conduct Workshop for result dissemination;

  • Task 4.3 Prepare the Final Report.

The consulting service started in March 2015.

The draft report will be used as reference document in the Workshop and then be revised as Final Report.



2.1. Review of current performance indicators and questionnaires

As above mentioned, the water sector performance database released in March 2013, data collection toolkit in the form of questionnaires with 15 questions and set of indicators with 51 indicators (called as PI & Q 2011) were developed for water sector database 2011. After that, the toolkit used to update the water sector database 2012.

It found that the toolkit including 152 questions and 51 indicators was complete and comprehensive. However, it still requires reviewing and improving with purposes of provision and use of database more convenient with quality of improved data.

2.2. Review Process

The review processing of questionnaires and indicators set is carried out as following steps:

  1. Survey on data collection

Consultant and MABUTIP selected two utilities that participated in water sector database 2012 with data inputs that considered as accuracy and reliability to investigate the data management system and process of data provision as including Hai Duong Water Supply One Member and Bac Ninh water Supply and Drainage One Member Limited Company.

  1. Review of Indicators

It noted that beside performance evaluation (benchmarking) of the utilities, the sector database will be very helpful in policy making and sector development plan as well as oversight functions by state management agencies as well as donors.

a) Necessity of Indicators

The existing sector database has been reviewed by comparison with the indicators in the following documents:

  • Sector Indicators as including:

  • Indicators in the construction index system as specified in the Circulars No. 05/2012/TT-BXD dated 10/10/ 2012, No.06/2012/TT-BXD dated 10/10/2012;

  • Proposal for revision of indicators in the index system of construction sector in framework of amending the Law on Statistics as shown in MoC’s letter No. 970/BXD-KHTC dated 27/4/2015;

  • Indicators in "Orientation Plan for Development of urban water supply and industrial parks in Vietnam up to 2025 and vision to 2050" approved by Prime Minister at Decision No. 1929 / QD-TTg dated 20/11/2009.

  • Benchmarking indicators as including:

  • The IBNET Water Supply and Sanitation Blue Book 2014. The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities Data Book, World Bank – 2014;

  • IBNET Toolkit by the World Bank;

  • Benchmarking indicators for water supply during 2007-2009 by VWSA - 9/2010.

b) Development of performance indicators (2015)

The revised version of indicators set should meet the requirements of different uses for the databases: the elimination of unnecessary indicators and additional indicators to be included in the database according to the following principles:

  • Necessity indicators (including indicators that are calculated from the collected data) should be disclosed in the Utility Individual Reports and the National Report of the sector database;

  • The indicators should be necessary for the immediate future. The indicators required for long future, but not for the immediate needs will not be included in sector database for years 2013 and 2014 and be included for the next years through annual update of sector database;

  • Taking into account of international integration: The indicators set shall be harmonize with the international benchmarking (IBNet) system of the World Bank.

  1. Review of National Report Form

After review, form of national report has been improved as following:

  • Add some indicators that required for sector management as population in service areas, population served.

  • Correct name of some indicators in English and Vietnamese.

  • Restructure of reporting table for effectiveness and more convenience for users.

  • Correct the unit for accuracy of the data (rounding arithmetic calculation)

  1. Review of Utility Individual Report Form

After review, form of Utility Individual Report has been improved as following:

  • Table 1 – Additional Information: Add some necessity information as quality management system.

  • Combination of two tables (Table 2 – Key Context Data and Table 3: Key Indicators) that presented as indicators and ranked by quartiles.

  • Add data in national report and construction index system, including design capacity, ratio of surface and ground water.

  • Re-order the relative items as type of population and water volume.

  1. Review of questionnaires

The existing questionnaire is quite complex and unconvenient to the data provider. So the questionnaire has been revised to ensure:

  • More simply: delete some unnecessary questions for calculation or evaluation performance of water utilities (in the Utility and National Reports);

  • Easy for filling: Restructuring of questionnaire, arranging specific questions in 4 aspects: Institutional, Engineering, Economics and Environment;

  • Standardize definitions of provided data;

  • Add necessity guidance for data provision;

  • Screening the ridiculous data by providing a self-test of data when filling.

As there exists three different types of utility in water sector (Water Supply and Drainage, Water Supply and Sewerage Company), the questionnaires are prepared in accordance with three modules:

  • Module A: Utility Information – applied for all utilities;

  • Module B: Questionnaires for water services that applied for water utilities;

  • Module C: Questionnaires for wastewater treatment services that applied for utilities in charge of operation and management of WWTPs.

  1. Review of Excel Files

The questionnaires and calculation sheets in excel files were revised complied with the revised indicators set, questionnaires, Utility Report and National Report as above-mentioned and unified calculation sheets and questionnaires.

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