Apple vs samsung products or services

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2. PRODUCTS OR SERVICES ( compare characteristic, quality, price)
Apple Products are currently one of the most sought-after computing devices in recent times. In the last two decades, the world has been held spellbound with products from the stables of Apple Inc, an American multinational company headquartered in Cupertino California.
Apple has a knack for creating unique mobile and computing devices that are difficult to replicate, owing to their proprietary technology and closed-source orientation. Although most of their products are quite pricey for the average smartphone user, the classy nature of the product has endeared it to the hearts of many raving fans.
These fans are loyal and are ever willing to cough out huge sums of money to purchase these devices. Currently, these are some of the most popular Apple Products:
Main article: Mac (computer)

MacBook Air with M2 chip

iMac with M1 chip
The Mac is Apple's family of personal computers. Macs are known for their ease of use[174] and distinctive aluminium, minimalist designs. Macs have been popular among students, creative professionals, and software engineers. The current lineup consists of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, and the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro desktop computers. All Macs except the Mac Pro use Apple silicon chips.
Macs run the macOS operating system, and include the Safari web browser, iMovie for home movie editing, GarageBand for music creation, and the iWorkproductivity suite. Apple also makes pro apps: Final Cut Pro for video production, Logic Pro for musicians and producers, and Xcode for software developers.
Apple also sells a variety of accessories for Macs, including the Pro Display XDR, Apple Studio Display, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard.
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iPhone 14 Pro
The iPhone is Apple's line of smartphones, which run the iOS operating system. The first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Since then, new models have been released annually. When it was introduced, its multi-touch screen was described as "revolutionary" and a "game-changer" for the mobile phone industry. The device has been credited with creating the app economy.
As of 2022, the iPhone has 15% market share, yet represents 50% of global smartphone revenues, with Android phones accounting for the rest.[175][176] The iPhone has generated large profits for the company, and is credited with helping to make Apple one of the world's most valuable publicly traded companies.[177]
The most recent iPhones are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
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iPad Pro (4th generation)with Magic Keyboard
iPad is Apple's line of tablets which run iPadOS. The first-generation iPad was announced on January 27, 2010. The iPad is mainly marketed for consuming multimedia, creating art, working on documents, videoconferencing, and playing games. The iPad lineup consists of several base iPad models, and the smaller iPad Mini, upgraded iPad Air, and high-end iPad Pro. Apple has consistently improved the iPad's performance, with the iPad Pro adopting the same M1 and M2 chips as the Mac; but the iPad still receives criticism for its limited OS.[178][179]
As of September 2020, Apple has sold more than 500 million iPads, though sales peaked in 2013. The iPad still remains the most popular tablet computer by sales as of the second quarter of 2020, and accounted for nine percent of the company's revenue as of the end of 2021.
Apple sells several iPad accessories, including the Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, Magic Keyboard, and several adapters.

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