Alaska State Library Historical Collections Maksutov, Dmitrii Petrovich, 1832-1889 Papers of Dimitrii Petrovich Maksutov, 1833-1984 ms 116

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Alaska State Library

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Maksutov, Dmitrii Petrovich, 1832-1889
Papers of Dimitrii Petrovich Maksutov, 1833-1984
MS 116

2 2.5 inch manuscript boxes

Processed By: Kathryn H. Shelton

0.4 linear ft.

May   December 1989

ACQUISITION: The Maksutov Papers were given to the Alaska State Museum by Constantine D. Maxutov, grandson of Dimitrii P., in 1987 and transferred to the Alaska State Library in 1989 (Accession #89 47).
ACCESS: The collection is unrestricted; however, because of its fragile condition, the microfiche copy must be used. Please consult the librarian for further information.
COPYRIGHT: Request for permission to publish material from the collection should be discussed with the Librarian.
PROCESSING: Sections of the box and item listing of this collection are based on Constantine D. Maxutov's detailed listing (Item 38) received with the collection. Volunteer Inna Malyshev assisted with the identification of some materials.
1832 Born on May 10 to Prince Peter Ivanovich and Anna Ilina Maksutov. His family was of Tatar descent.
1840 At the age of eight he entered the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg.
1849 June 1, he was made midshipman and assigned to the Black Sea Fleet of the Imperial Navy.
1851 Promoted to lieutenant, Maksutov was assigned to the Forty sixth (Amur) Naval Depot, on the West Coast of Siberia.
1854 On August 17, 1954 a squadron of six Anglo French vessels attacked Petropavlovsk. After the battle, Maksutov was given the honor of carrying the news of the victory to St. Petersburg. Maksutov's brother, Alexander, died of wounds after the battle. Leaving Petropavlovsk on September 14, Maksutov reached St. Petersburg on November 26, where Nicholas I promoted him to Captain Lieutenant.
1855 Returned to the East, assigned to Nikolaevsk, on the Amur, on the corvette Olivutsa.
1856 Olivutsa was ordered home by way of the Cape of Good Hope, arriving at the naval base of Kronshtadt on October 16, 1957.
1857 Served on ships on the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.
1858 On December 12, he received word of his appointment as Assistant Chief Manager of the Russian American colonies.
1859 On February 4, he married Adelaide Ivanovna Bushman, daughter of a professor of English at the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg.
1859 Trip to Sitka beginning in March, overland to Ayan, and then from Ayan to Sitka on bark Nakhimov, arriving on September 14.

1862 Third child, Alexander born in Sitka, September 6, and on December 19, Princess Maksutov died, and was buried in Sitka.

1863 Maksutov leaves Sitka on the ship Nikolai I, with his two daughters, in answer to summons from St. Petersburg. On December 2, he is appointed acting Chief Manager of the Russian American colonies.
1864 Marriage to Maria Vladimirovna Alexsandrovich, daughter to a former Governor General of Irkutsk and Ataman (commander) of the Trans Baikal cossack host. Returned to Sitka on May 26.
1867 Treaty between United States and Russian, transfering colonies at a price of $7,200,000. Maksutov represents Russia at transfer ceremony, October 18.
1868 Journeys to San Francisco for lawsuit hearing. Oversees sale of Russian America Company property.
1869  Returns to Tula, the family estate; later to St. Petersburg.

1879 Declares bankruptcy.

1881 Wife, Maria Vladimirovna, dies, June 19.
1882 Promotion to rank of Rear Admiral, May 17.
1889 Maksutov dies March 21, and is buried in family plot in the Novodevichi Convent Cemetery in St. Petersburg.
*Based on information from Richard A. Pierce, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

See also his work: THE RUSSIAN GOVERNORS:BUILDERS OF ALASKA, 1818   1867 (Kingston, Ont., Canada : Limestone Press, 1986).

These papers document both the personal and military high points in the life of Dimitrii P. Maksutov, as well as other members of his family. Because the collection is small, the papers remain in the same arrangement in which they were received from Constantine D. Maxutov, grandson of Dimitrii.
Many of these items deal with his family, early life, and military career. The first item is a certificate to Prince Peter Ivanovich Maksutov, Dimitrii's father, listing his service and accomplishments. Likewise, three of Dimitrii's service records are in the collection: items 5 (1858), 6 (186?), and 8 (1879) as well as awards and certificates for medals received.
Maksutov's early career was highlighted by his participation in the Battle of Petropavlovsk in 1854. During the battle he fought bravely and was elected to deliver the report by hand to St. Petersburg, directly to Emperor Nicholas I. This victory over the joint Anglo French fleet was one of the few for Russia during the Crimean War. Several items, including a hand drawn chart of the battle, an official report of the battle, and a letter (written at a later date) to his son describing the battle, are in the collection.
Several items focus on Maksutov's work in Sitka. Included are the imperial order appointing Maksutov as assistant to the chief administrator of the Russian American colony and instructions from the Rossiisko Amerikanskaia Kompaniia on managing the colony.
The collection also includes several photographs, family letters and a calling card of Maksutov. Several items are copies rather than original documents and are noted as such in the Box and Item Listing. Also included are articles written about the Maksutovs and events in which they participated. A copy of Constantine D. Maxutov's notes on the collection are located in Folder 38 because they include comments of historical interest.

1. Certificate (No. 20564), November 24, 1859, to Prince Peter Ivanovich Maksutov, service record, listing of accomplishments.(6 p.)
2. Service Record, 1858, Price Peter Ivanovich Maksutov. (16 p.)
3. Confirmation of birth and baptism (No. 2353), 1835, Dimitrii Petrovich Maksutov. (2p.)
4. Certificate of Health (No. 79), January 26, 1838, Dimitrii Maksutov. (1 l.)
5. Military Record, 1858, of Dimitrii Maksutov. (15 p.)
6. Military and service record, 186?, of Dimitrii Maksutov, issued by the Russian American Company. (4 p.)
7. Certificate of confirmation of membership of the Irkutsk Honorable Board, December 6, 1854. (2 p.) Protective sheet for Nos. 3 7 (blank).
8. Complete Military Service Record, 1879, Dimitrii Maksutov. (19 p.)
9. Decoration with the Cross of St. George (No. 282), December 31,1854. (2 p.)
10 Decoration with the Order of St. Vladimir, December 16, 1854. (2 p.)
11. Decoration with the Order of St. Stanislav, October 31, 1857. (2 p.)
12. Decoration with the Order of Sta. Anna, April 20, 1877. (2 p.)
13. Promotion to rank of Rear Admiral (No. 68), May 17, 1882. (2 p.)
14a. Certificate of Service (No. 4749), 1885. (6 p.)
14b. Two sheets with numerous cancelled stamps. (3 l.)
15a. Certificate, 1857, issued to George Petrovich Maksutov, Dimitrii's brother. (1 l.)
15b. Blank form, 1833. (3 p.)
16 Entitlement, Order of St. George (printed document). (31 p.)
17. Report on Battle of Petropavlovsk (No. 2453), 1854. (48 p.)
18. Chart of Battle of Petropavlovsk, 1854, indicating position of the Anglo French fleet and progress of battle (pen and ink chart mounted on cloth). (1 item, 22' x 17.5"); [fragile:housed in Box 2]
19. Letter (first pages missing) from Dimitrii Maksutov to his son Alexander [n.d.], 12 p.
20. Published article (in Russian), "To the History of Military Events at the Far East (1847   1855). [n.d.] (41 p.)
21. Published article (in Russian), on the Battle of Petropavlovsk by Andrew deLivron, 1914. (31 p., illus.)
22. CALENDAR 1880 (in Russian). Diary of Dimitri Maksutov, listing important dates and events. (67 p.)
23. Imperial Order No. 231, January 19, 1859, appointing Maksutov as Assistant to the Chief Administrator of the Russia America Colony, notarized partial translation into English. (1 l.)
24. Order No. 128 of the Russian America Company, February, 1864, promoting Maksutov to the title of the Chief Administrator of the colony. (4 l., photocopy)
25. Order No. 129 of the RAC, February 3, 1864, instructions on managing colony. (11p.)
26a. Article (in Russian), Dimitrii D. Maxutov, "[From] the Past of the Russian American Colonies," S'BEREGOV AMERIKI, 1939, pp. 229 241. (13 p.)
26b. Draft of translation of 26a. into English by Geda Traid; also includes translation of Order No. 129 (Item 25 above). (14 l., photocopy)
27. [Because these are oversize, they are housed in the Map Case under "MS 116".]Two 12" x 22" panoramic views of Sitka which are not part of original documents, but are copies of views of Sitka as a Russian colony:
27a. From the anchorage in the Western Harbor [copy of drawing showing Indian village and Baranof's Castle, n.d.]
27b. From Aleutski Island in Eastern Harbor: Greek Church bearing N. 25 E. (true) [copy of drawing showing Sitka waterfront with Baranof's Castle in the center, n.d.]
28. Two military medals: The Cross of St. George (ASM #III R 381) and the St. George Medal (III R 380). (In collection of the Alaska State Museum).
29. Photographs [10 items, including duplicates]

a. Carte de visite, Dimitrii P. Maksutov, (1864?).[duplicate copy]

b. Carte de visite, Maria Vladimirovna (Dimitrii's second wife), (1864?) [duplicate copy]

c. Maria Vladimirovna (copy print).

d. Dimitrii P. Maksutov, 1869 or 1870, in St. Petersburg.[duplicate copy]

e. Copyprint of Dimitrii in 1882.

f. Reduction of front page of N.Y. JOURNAL AMERICAN, October 18, 1942

g. Transfer ceremony, copy of painting by Harry C. Wood, owned by Department of Interior, Washington, D.C.

30. Copy of letter from University of Washington Library: Dimitri Maksutov toStepanoff, April 13, 1868. (1 l., photocopy)
31. Copy of letter from University of Washington Library: Dimitri Maksutov to Dimitri D., his youngest son, 1882 1889. (1 l., photocopy)
32 Letters from Maksutov to his youngest son Dimitri D., 1882 1889 (20 items).
33. Letter from Alexandra to her brother, to Dimitrii D., son of Dimitrii P., October 16, 1925. (2 p.) Recollections of trip from Sitka to Russia in 1868.
34. Calling card.
35. Coat of Arms of Princes Maksutovs [3" x 5" color photograph].
36. Obituary published in one of St. Petersburg's papers in March 1889 and envelope. (2 items)
37. Uncorrected draft (in English) of article by C.D. Maxsutov, "Princess Maria Vladimirovna Maksutov   second wife of the Last Russian Governor of the Russian American Colonies (Alaska) [n.d.]. (14 p.).
38. Notes on collection by Constantine D. Maxutov. [n.d.] (8 l., photocopy)
39. Letter cover in which Maksutov collection was stored.
[Item 18 is also housed in Box 2: fragile]

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