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REGGIANI is certified ISO 9001. Our main products are

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REGGIANI is certified ISO 9001.

Our main products are:


Flat Screen Printing Machine


Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Digital Inkjet Printers



As well sampling machines, stenters, a.o.

Với hơn 55 kinh nghiệm, công ty chúng tôi là một doanh nghiệp hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực sản xuất máy in hoa dành cho các lọai vải.

Công ty REGGIANI chúng tôi cũng đã nhận được chứng chỉ ISO 9001.

Sản phẩm chính của chúng tôi bao gồm:

Máy in lưới phẳng - PRIMA- Flat Screen Printing Machine

Máy in lưới quay - UNICA - Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Máy in hoa kỹ thuật số - DREAM Digital Inkjet Printers

Máy sấy khô - JD Dryer

Cũng như các lọai máy chế tạo mẫu, máy căng , …



Hall No : 2 Booth No : 2E-2

Add : Room 2306, CNPC Tower

1110 Nanshan Road, Nanshan District

Shenzhen, P.R. China

Tel : 86-755-26528330

Fax : 86-755-26528084

Email : sales@richpeace.com

Richpeace Group Co., Limited is the leading company in the textile and apparel industry, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, exporting & importing, investment management in embroidery, quilting, knitting and garment CAD/CAM/CIMS and also the relative accessories with 16 years history. With the aim of reforming the traditional industries by means of the application of high-technologies, Richpeace Group products are designed to push the textile, garment industries to a higher level; there’re many new development products to be launched on the Saigon Textile& Industry Expo 2006 from April 4 to 7 in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Part 1. Richpeace Dynamic Embroidery machines series:

Richpeace Dynamic Embroidery machine brand is one top brand for our high-performance and quality embroidery machine flag in the world that only focus on the best machine and the most reliable machine. Dynamic Tubular machine is the latest development to meet the client’s multi-needs. The scope of machine use is diversified such as T-shirts, sweaters, tubular working clothes and caps as well as normal materials.

  1. Richpeace Dynamic Tubular embroidery machine

Model: RPD-D-TC-906-400X450

9 Needles, 6 heads, Embroidery area:

Flat embroidey:400x430mm;

Tubular frame embroidery: 295x295mm;

Cap embroidery: 295x295mm
It is also can equipment with the options: coiling device, chenille, device, cording device; sequin device; boring device etc.

(2) Richpeace High speed embroidery machine

Model: RPD-D-FH-1206-400X680-LR

12 Needles, 6 heads, embroidery area:


With double sequin device. Flat


Max speed 1200 rpm;


1. More reliable, quiet and high-speed working,

2. 12 needles for more color change.

  1. Richpeace Mixed Chenille embroidery


Model: RPD-D-MC6-910-480(230)X680

Flat Embroidery + Chain Stitch + Chenille


  1. Six color chenille and chain stitch embroidery with auto color change and trimming;

  2. Standard embroidery, chenille embroidery and chain stitch embroidery can be changed automatically or manually.

  1. Richpeace Mixed Coiling embroidery


Model: RPD-D-CF-912-300(600)X680

Flat Embroidery + Coiling Stitch embroidery


Easily Replacement of attachments for taping (Cording) and coiling make it available of diversified embroidery variations such as zigzag sewing stitch, coiling, taping, cording embroidery.

Above machines are all possibly equipped with Richpeace Sequin device and computer Control system.

Sequin device features:

  1. Max speed 850 rpm

  2. suitable for 3mm,5mm,7mm,9mm sequins and no need to change any parts,

Richpeace Dynamic controller features:

  1. Touch screen,

  2. Six languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish

  3. Stable, Easy operations and load the pattern designs.

Part B: Richpeace BEAUTY Embroidery machine

The sub-brand Beauty under Richpeace Group are providing the high-tech and economical machines, which is the economical option for the customer who need the reliable quality and complete service from Richpeace factory.

(1) Model: RPE-B-1201-400X680

Single Head Machine Features:

(2) Model: RPE-B-912-450X800-L

Sequin + Flat Embroidery features:

  • Accurate frame driving technology:

  • Higher embroidery quality in main shaft digitizer control guarantees:

  • Real-time embroidery in Colour LCD display

  • Adopotion of advanced 3-phase subsection control technology making the frame movement more stable; decreases the vibration & noise;

  • Utilization the parts with high precision enables the whole machine to run at high speed and prolong the parts life span dramatically;

  • Automatic colour change & trimming system, automatic thread breakage detection;

  • The memory capacity of the computer system is up to 2,000,000 stitches.

  • Equipped with Richpeace 850rpm sequin & cording device.

Part 3: Richpeace Independent Sequin Device System

Richpeace Independent Sequin Device System can upgrade almost all embroidery machines with perfect sequin embroidery function. It stands out among the similar by its broad availability, Higher Speed, Liberal Sequin Size Selection, Reliable& Stable Control and thoughtful automatic functions.

Part 4: Richpeace USB Digital Simulating Driver

Richpeace USB Digital Simulating Driver(abbr. U-DRIVER),may completely take the places of floppy disk & floppy drive and also helps you realize your embroidery workshop’s network management.

Products to be displayed:

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