1311 Vinci Park Way phone (408) 923-1970

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Jeanne Izant, Principal HREF="mailto:jeanne.izant@berryessa.k12.ca.us" MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor jeanne.izant@berryessa.k12.ca.us Vinci Park School

Jeanne Izant & Kate Gomes, C0-Editors 1311 Vinci Park Way

PHONE (408) 923-1970 FEBRUARY FAX (408) 254-3790

Vinci Park School provides a safe and caring environment where everyone enjoys and celebrates childhood and respects diverse values,

talents and ethnicity. We promote a variety of experiences that nurture social, emotional, intellectual and academic growth, which

contributes to the development of independent, cooperative and responsible citizens with high self-esteem and a life-long zest for learning.
Esta información puede ser solicitada para ser traducida en español, vietnames, mandarin, cantonese y tagalo, Español: 923-1902. Alguien le llamara para que usted pueda saber que esta pasando en su escuela.
Trong trường hợp yêu cầu, bản tin này có thể được dịch sang tiếng Tây Ban Nha, Tiếng Việt, Tiếng Trung Hoa và Tiếng Phi. Quí vị có thể gọi số 923-1903 và sẽ có người nói Tiếng Việt gọi lại nói chuyện với quí vị về bản tin này để quí vị biết điều gì đang xảy ra tại trường học.
Itong balita o kasulatan na ito ay maisasalin sa Tagalog kung inyong hihilingin, sa pamamagitan ng pagtawag sa telepono bilang 923- 1904. Kayo ay tatawagan upang kausapin at paliwanagan nang malaman ninyo ang mga nangyayari sa inyong paaralan.
本通訊內容可應要求翻譯成西班牙文, 越南文, 國語, 廣東話或菲律賓語。 若需要翻譯, 請打電話923-1901, 將有專人回電給您, 告訴您本通訊中有關您學校的重要訊息。



Our goal to have all Vinci Park Students succeed is always on our minds. We look at our assessments and plan our curriculum and instruction to meet our students’ needs. During the day, instruction by your child’s teacher, in addition to before and after school classes, are all focused on helping students be successful. You have an important role to play in your child’s success as well. Be certain that your child is getting enough sleep, having a good breakfast and coming to school with a positive attitude. When they come home, ask your child how his/her day was and talk about what they have learned. Be sure they have a quiet place to do their homework and review the work when they are done. Research shows that when a parent shows an interest in their child’s education the child will do his/her best.

Parents and students, I need your help. I am concerned about the number of students who come to school late. When a student comes in late, they are losing instructional time for themselves as well as affecting others in the class. Please be sure your child gets to bed early and wakes up each morning in enough time to get ready, have breakfast and arrive at school by 8:00 am. This way, they will not be late for the 8:10 am start time.

If your child has a morning SI class, he/she needs to arrive by the start time of that class. These classes are provided especially for students who have been recommended by their teachers.


Feb. 4th - Feb. 8th
All students will get a chance to view & purchase books.

Order forms and information will be sent home with your children.


Friday, Feb. 8th

from 6:00-7:30
Please join us here at school for another fun-filled evening!
All students will receive a ticket for one free sundae!
All additional

Sundaes will be $1.00 each!


When: February 12th 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Where: Vinci Park’s Multi-purpose room

Who: All parents of students who speak

a second language are encouraged

to attend.

February 18th through the 22nd
We are closed for Presidents’ Week.
Enjoy your break and we’ll see you back here on Monday, February 25th.



For Our Children’s Sake!
A little caution could save a child’s life.
Please obey the laws for driving in a school zone and be sure to stop at all crosswalks.



At this time this is for Kinders and 1st Graders only.

Please join us here at Vinci Park on Thursday, February 28th, from 6:00 – 7:30 PM for an evening of fun and learning with your children.

We will let you know if we expand this evening to include the older children.


Principal’s Coffee Please come and have coffee with the principal, Mrs. Izant, at 8:30 AM on the first Friday of each month; the next one will be on March 3rd. This is a great way to discuss any ideas, problems, or questions you may have about the school.

Home and School Club Meetings--The first

Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room.

School Site Council MeetingsThird Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Staff Lounge.




Fri 2/8 6:00-7:30 Ice Cream Social

2/8-2/25 Encore fundraiser

2/18-2/22 NO SCHOOL-Ski Week


3/3 – 3/7 Aluminum Can Drive

Tues 3/4 Writing Test—all grades

3/14-3/20 Parent/Teacher Conferences---school out at 1:00 during conferences.

3/21-3/28 NO SCHOOL


3/31-4/4 Math-a-Thon

Fri. 4/4 5:30-7:30 Cal Skate Family Night

4/14-4/18 5th graders to Walden West

Tues 4/22 Spring Pictures

Thurs 4/24 Open House 6:30-7:45 PM


5/5 - 5/16 S.T.A.R. Testing

Thur 5/22 International Basket Bingo Night

Mon 5/26 NO SCHOOL—Memorial Day


6/5-6/6 Olympics

Thurs 6/12 12:00 5th Grade Recognition

Fri 6/13 8:30-12:30 5th grade picnic-Flickinger

Last day of school 1:00 PM dismissal

February may be the shortest month, but the weather sometimes makes it seem like the longest. Why not spice it up by writing letters with your child?

Christmas “Thank You” Cards

Has your child sent thank-you notes for all those holiday gifts? If not, now’s the time to get them done. Sit down with your child and show him/her how to write a letter properly with the correct greeting, personalized message, closing, and signature.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Make Valentine’s Day stationery with your child and she/he will enjoy creating notes for friends and classmates. Let your child decorate colorful construction paper with markers, glue and glitter, or stickers. Help your child write the name of each recipient on the outside and a sweet or silly message inside.

Thoughtful Notes

To brighten this winter month, write notes of appreciation to family members. For example, you might write to your child, “You are so polite. I feel proud to be your mother whenever we go out together.” Or one sibling could write another, “I don’t say it very often, but I think you’re cool.” Then hand-deliver the notes before bedtime for a special “good night” treat!



7:00 p.m. in the Board Room

2/12; 3/11; 4/15; 5/20; 6/10

All meetings are held at:

Berryessa Union School District Office

1376 Piedmont Road, San Jose, CA 95132

Nuestra próxima junta del Concilio Escolar llevará acabo el 2/13/08.

Si Nuestra próxima junta del PTA/ y Club Escolar se llevará acabo el 2/6/08.

Si usted desea atender y necesita interprete por favor llame al 923-1902.
Buổi họp kế tiếp cho Hội Đồng Nhà Trường sẽ là vào ngày 2/13/08.

Buổi họp kế tiếp cho PTA/Home and School Club sẽ là vào ngày 2/6/08.

Nếu quí vị muốn tham dự và cần người thông dịch, xin gọi 923-1903.
學校管理委員會下一次的開會日期是 2/13/08。

我們的家長會/家庭與學校社團下一次的開會日期是 2/6/08。

如果您要參加並且需要翻譯服務, 請打電話 923-1901。

CBET (Community Based English Tutoring) Program

Adult English Classes – General Information





Vinci Park

Portable A

M & W


on going till June


Vinci Park

Portable A

M & W


on going till June


For more information, please contact Lisa Cheung, 923-1829 at the District Office

Chuong Trinh CBET - Lop Hoc Tieng Anh Cho nguoi lon

Thong Tin Chung

Dia Diem


Thoi Khoa Bieu


Vinci Park

Portable A

Thu Hai & Thu Tu


tiep tuc toi thang 6


Vinci Park

Portable A

Thu Hai & Thu Tu


tiep tuc toi thang 6


Muon biet them, xin lien lac voi Lisa Cheung, 923-1829 tai van phong khu hoc

Programa CBET (Community Based English Tutoring)

Clases de Ingles Para Adultos - Informacion General





Vinci Park

Portable A

Lunes & Mier

en la mañana

de ahora hasta Junio


Vinci Park

Portable A

Lunes & Mier

en la tarde

de ahora hasta Junio


Para mas informacion, favor de llamar a Lisa Cheung, 923-1829 en la officina principal del Distrito.

CBET (社區成人英語班) - 課程時間及地點





Vinci Park小學

第 A 活動教室

每週一, 三




Vinci Park小學

第 A 活動教室





若欲詢問詳情, 請以923-1829與校區辦公室Lisa Cheung聯繫


  1. Vinci Park is having our annual week-long Book Fair Monday, February 4th through Friday, February 8th. During this week, each student will have a chance to view and purchase books, so please send money with your child on his or her shopping day.

2) Our Ice Cream Social is on Friday, February 8th, from 6:00-7:30 PM. Please join us here at the school for an evening of good family fun.

  1. School will be closed Monday, February 18th through Friday, February 22nd to celebrate Presidents’ week. Have a fun and safe vacation, and we’ll see you back on Monday, February 25th.

Puntos importantes

  1. Vinci Park llevará acabo la Feria Anual del Libro del lunes 4 de febrero al viernes 8 de febrero. Durante esa semana, cada estudiante tendrá la oportunidad de ver y comprar libros, por favor envié dinero con su niño el día que sea su turno.

  1. El próximo evento social de helados será el día 8 de febrero de 6:00-7:30 de la noche. Por favor venga a este evento de gran diversión para toda la familia.

3) La escuela estará cerrada del lunes 18 de febrero al viernes 22 de febrero por las celebraciones de la semana de los presidentes. Disfrute sus vacaciones y manténganse seguros, estaremos de regreso a clases el lunes 25 de febrero.


  1. Trường Vinci Park sẽ có một Hội Chợ Sách hàng năm kéo dài một tuần lễ bắt đầu từ Thứ hai, mồng 4 tháng 2 đến Thứ Sáu ngày 8 tháng 2. Vào trong tuần lễ này, mỗi học sinh sẽ có cơ hội để xem và mua sách, vì vậy xin cho con em mình tiền vào ngày mua sách của chúng.

2) Ngày Ice Cream Social sẽ là vào Thứ Sáu, ngày 8 tháng 2, từ 6:00-7:30 PM. Xin hãy cùng với chúng

tôi chung vui gia đình tại trường học vào ngày đó.
3) Trường học sẽ đóng cửa vào Thứ Hai, ngày 18 đến ngày 22 tháng 2 để ăn mừng tuần lễ President. Chúc mọi người có một kỳ nghỉ học vui và an toàn và chúng ta sẽ gặp lại vào Thứ Hai, ngày 25 tháng 2.
1. Vinci Park 小學一年一度的書展將於二月四日到八日舉行一週。在這

個禮拜, 每一位小朋友都有機會參觀並購買圖書, 如果您的孩子要買書, 請記得當天讓孩子帶錢到學校來。
2. 我們的冰淇淋之夜將在二月七日星期四晚上 6:00-7:30 舉行。歡迎您全

3. 二月十八日星期一到二月二十二日星期五是總統節假期, 學校不上課。 祝您有個平安愉快的假期。二月二十五日星期一回到學校上課。

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