1. Phương tiện giao thông Parking the car

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1. Phương tiện giao thông
Parking the car

Backing up the car

Pulling into the station

Loading onto the park

Be parked in opposite direction

Be landed on the ground

2. Con đường
Walking along the street

Crossing the road

Waiting for the traffic light

Resting around the fountain

Sitting on the curb

Looking into the store window

The streets are along the street.
3. Công trường xây dựng
Be under construction

Have finished the construction

Moving a heavy object

Digging the earth

The crane towers are against the sky.

The walls are being built.

4. Lao động
Doing some work at the table

Using a hand tool

Climbing the ladder

Carrying a box under one’s arm

Painting the fence

Mowing the lawn

Assembling the parts
5. Nghe câu và chọn đáp án đúng

A. He is carrying a backpack.

B. He is moving the chair.

C. The bus has arrived at the destination.

D. The bus is unloading the passengers.

E. He is resting on the bench.


A. The umbrellas are all folded up.

B. The outdoor café is busy its customers.

C. Most chairs are occupied.

D. People are arranging the tables on the sidewalk.

E. Some people are passing by the outdoor café.


A. The man has the safety goggles on.

B. The man is using the hammer at the moment.

C. The man is putting the parts together.

D. The man is clearing off the table.

E. The man is repairing the desk by himself.


A. None of the people is wearing a raincoat.

B. The workers are carrying the lumber.

C. The workers are pouring concrete to construct a building

D. The building is being demolished.

E. The construction is in progress.


A. Some trees are taller than the others.

B. The cars are all lined up along the road.

C. The sky is very clear.

D. The road is closed to traffic.

E. The traffic is heavy.


A. The band is marching along the street.

B. The trees are planted along the street.

C. The vehicles have been parked along the street.

D. The lot is packed with vehicles.

E. The road curves into the distance.

6. Làm quen với cảm giác thi thật

A. The officer is directing the traffic.

B. Some cars are running over the hill.

C. The traffic is very heavy at rush hour.

D. There are some tall buildings in the distance.

A. Pedestrians are crossing the street.

B. The road is being paved.

C. The cars are involved in a traffic accident.

D. The cars are moving in one direction.

A. The men are holding the ladder.

B. One man is cutting the pipe into pieces.

C. One of the men is walking down the steps.

D. The men are building the outdoor wall.

A. The man is kneeling down on the floor.

B. The man is wearing a wooly hat.

C. The man is sharpening the knife.

D. The man is laying tiles on the ground.

A. People are grinding the coffee beans.

B. People are sitting in the chairs.

C. People are wearing the same outfit.

D. People are looking out the window.

A. The vehicle is in the garden.

B. The vehicle is under inspection.

C. The vehicle is unloading some cargo.

D. The vehicle has the door open.

A. The machine is digging in the street.

B. The road is very icy.

C. The machine needs to be repaired.

D. The road has at least 6 lanes.

A. The man is riding the motor bike at the moment.

B. The man is trying on the sunglasses.

C. The man is dressed casually.

D. The man is starting the motor bike.

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