1. Explain the key roles and responsibilities of a business analyst? Ans

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BA Interview Questions and Answers

100 Business Analyst Interview 
Questions and Answers 

1). Explain the key roles and responsibilities of a business analyst? 
Ans:- Some of the important assistance anticipated from any Business 
Analyst are: 

Client Facility skills 

Planned thinking method 

Upright communication skills 

Cooperating with other staffs 

Logical skills 

Management skills 


Capability to Drive Changes 
2). What is a flowchart? 
Ans:-Flowchart displays the comprehensive flow of the system through 
signs and diagrams. It is important since it makes the system simple to 
recognize for developers and all concerned individuals. 
3). Explain the meaning of an activity diagram. 
Ans:-An activity diagram is an easy and instinctive type of flow chart 
which permits experts to present a strong and simple graphical workflow 
of a professional use case. The goal of an activity figure is to display 
numerous events taking place in an association in diverse sections. 
4). What are the important elements of an activity diagram? 
Ans:-These are activities, initial nodes, control flows, decisions, a fork, 
guard conditions, joins, or end nodes, etc. 
5). Explain the meaning of project management? 

Ans:-Project management is the procedure of planning, establishing
inspiring, and governing resources, events, and procedures to attain a 
definite goal. It is used to establish technical and everyday glitches. The 
chief task of project management is to attain all the project areas. These 
are period, excellence, opportunity, budget, etc. 

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