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KEY Exercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to inducate the correct answer to each of the following questions

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Exercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to inducate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “How was your exam?” “A couple of questions were tricky, but on the _____ it was pretty easy.”

A. spot B.general C. hand D. whole

On the whole = in general

On the spot = immediately

  1. If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in short _______ of a time.

A. period B. aspect C. arrangement D. activity

In short period of time: Trong khoảng thời gian ngắn:

  1. Students can _______ a lot of information just by taking an active part in class.

A. concern B. install C. appear D. memorize

  1. A few years ago, a fire _____ much of an overcrowded part of the city.

A. battled B. devastated : tàn phá C. mopped D. developed
5. I have learned a lot about the value of labour (giá trị của sức lao động ) form my _______ at home.

A. credit B. energy C. chores: công việc nhà

D. pot plants
6. Although he tried to hide it, it was ______that Peter didn’t like his birthday present.

A. foolish B. basic C. obvious : rõ ràng

D. vigorous: mãnh liệt
7. Environemental groups try to stop farmers from using harmful ________ on their crops.

A. economy B. agriculate C. investments D. chemicals

8. If you ______ too much on study, you will get tired and stressed.

A. concentrate B. develop C. organize D. complain

Concentrate on (phr v): tập trung vào
9. Good heath and methods of study are very necessary, or _______ for success in college.

A. avaible B. dependable C. essential D. efficicient

Necessary = essential
10. In order to _______ their goals in college, students need to invest the maximum amount of time, money, and energy in their studies.

A. manage B. catch C. establish D. achieve

Achieve/ attain a goal: đạt được mục tiêu
Exercise 2: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to inducate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
1. Before choosing a job, you should take into consideration several_______ including the supply and demand for professionals in any particular field.

A. turns B. factors C. ramarks D. sides

Trước khi chọn một công việc, bạn nên xem xét nhiều khía cnh bao gồm nguồn cung và cầu nghề nghiệp trong những lĩnh vực cụ thể
2. The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in ________ of advice about setting up new businesses.

A. absence B. duty C. want D. need

In need of advice: đang cần lời khuyên
3. The city has ________ of young consumers who are sensitve to trends, and can, therefore, help industries predict the potential risks and success of products.

A. a high rate B. a high proportion C. a high tendency

D. a great level

High/ low rate: tỷ lệ cao/ thấp
4. Don’t ________ to conclusions, we don’t yet know all the relevant facts.

A. hurry B. jump C. rush D. run

Jump to conclusions / leap to the conclusion that: kết luận vội vàng
5. I wonder if you could _______ me a small favour, Tom?

A. bring B. make C. give D. do

Could do me a favour = please help me
6. Sicientists warn that many of the world’s great cities are _______ flooding.

A. being B. at risk C. in danger of D. endangered

In danger of: đang có nguy cơ
7. The boy’s strange behavior aroused the ______ of the shop assistant.

A. thought B. consideration C. exectations D. suspicions

Arouse the suspicions: dấy lên/ khơi gợi lên mối nghi ngờ
8. The young should _____themselves in social activities.

A. determine B. serve C. involve D. promote.

Involve sb in sth = take part in
9. I know from ________that everything will be all right.

A. conscience: lương tâm B. experience kinh nghiệm

C. wisdom: trí tuệ D. care: chăm sóc
10. Your second essay ______improvement on the first one.

A. showed B. made C. cast D. presented

Exercise 3: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to inducate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
1. The Women’s World Cup is _______ in popularity.

A. competing B. establishing C. advancing D. growing

Grow/ gain in popularity
2. Our class team has won four ______ football matches.

A. successful B.unsuccessful C. success D. successive

Successive win: thành công liên tiếp
3. We interviewed a number of candidates buit none of them _______ us.

A. enlivened B. encouraged C. delighted D. mpressed

4. ___________ to British univerities depends on examnation results.

A. Admission B. Admittance C. Permission D. Permit

Gain admission to university: vé vào đại học
5. I prefer _______jobs because I don’t like keep on moving and changing all the time.

A. demanding B. challenging C. steady D. secure

Steady job: công việc ổn định
6. The investment has had _______ on the development of our project.

A. results B. progress C. interruptions D. effects

7. In China, there are still a lot of ____ families sharing the same house.

A. extent B. extension C. extended D. extensive

Extended family: gia đình nhiều thế hệ

8. The deadline is coming, and we still have a lot of _______ problems.

A. unsolving B. unsolved C. insolved D. solving

Unsolved problem: vấn đề chưa được giải quyết

9. He recievec a medal in _________ to his bravery.

A. turns B. response C. favour D. reward

In response to: đáp lại

In favour of: ủng hộ 

To reward for: thưởng, tặng

10. He left the country _______ arrest of he retured.

A. in fear that B. with fear of

C. under threat of : b đe da D. with threat of
I.Clauses and phrase of concession introduced by although, though, even though, even if, In spite of, despite ... (mệnh đề, cụm chỉ sự nhượng bộ)

  • Nghĩa: Mặc dù

  • Cách dùng

    1. although, though, even though, even if + Clause

    2. In spite of, despite + phrase

II.Clauses and phrase of reason introduced by as/ because/since (mệnh đề chỉ nguyên nhân)

  • Nghĩa: Bởi vì

  • Cách dùng

  1. Because, Since/As + Clause

  2. Because of, / Due to/ Thanks to + phrase

III.Clauses and phrase of result with such/ so.that (mệnh đề, cụm chỉ kết quả)

  1. Clause of result:

 S - V + SO + adv/ adj + THAT + S – V (quá đến nổi)

 S - V + SUCH + ( a/ an ) + adj + noun + THAT + S - V(quá đến nổi)

 S - V + SO MANY ( plural countable noun) / + THAT + S - V

SO MUCH ( uncountable noun )

  1. Phrase of result:

 S - V + TOO + adj/ adv + ( for some one ) + TO V (quá đến nổi không thể)

 S - V + ENOUGH + noun + ( for some one ) + TO V (đủ để)

Adj/ adv + ENOUGH
IV.Clauses and phrase of purpose expressed by so that, in order that (mệnh đề, cụm chỉ mục đích)

  • Nghĩa: Để

  • Cách dùng

  1. Clause: S - V + so that / in order that + S + can/ could/ will/ would + V ( bare – infinitive)

  2. Phrase:  Khẳng định: S - V + to/ so as to/ in order to + V(bare-inf.)

S - V + in order for some one to + V(bare-inf.)

 Phủ định: S - V + so as not to/ in order not to + V(bare-inf.)


  • Clause: S+V + O (câu)

  • Phrase: Noun phrase, verb phrase … (cụm)

  • Cách chuyển một clause  phrase

S + BE + ADJ


( sở hữu) ( Adj-ness)



  1. Khi chủ ngữ ở hai mệnh đề giống nhau

S + V


A. Choose the best answer:

1. ________ having the best qualifications among all the applicants, Justin was not offered the job.

A. Although B. While C. In spite of D. Despite of

2. ________ the internet is very popular, many older people do not know how to use it.

A. However B. Nevertheless C. Even though D. Despite

3. _________ he wasn’t feeling very well, David was determined to take part in the inter-university athletics meet.

A. Although B. While C. Where as D. yet

4. __________ what Megan prepared for the job interview, she didn’t pass it.

A. Despite of B. In spite of C. Though D. However

5. Bruce was not praised_________ he was a hard worker.

A. despite B. in spite of C. although D. no matter how

6. It looks like they are going to succeed_________ their present difficulties.

A. despite B. although C. in spite D. even though

7. Mary usually goes to parties. She likes meeting people and crowded places ________she is rather shy.

A. In spite of B. Even though C. On the contrary D. In other words

8. Ann: Have you decided to get the job?

Terry: Yes, I’ve just decided. I’ll accept that job_________ it is not suitable with my major. It is not an interesting job, ________ the salary is very good.

A. although / but B. despite / and C. but / though D. yet / however

9. ________, he has continued to work on his thesis.

A. Although all these problems B. Even though there are problems

C. Despite of all these problems D. In spite of there are problems

10. In spite of ____________, he was determined to finish his work.

A. was seriously ill. B. be seriously ill C. his serious illness D. he was seriously ill

11. _______ some German and British management styles are similar, there are many differences between them.

A. In spite B. In spite of C. although D. Despite

12. I could not eat _______ I was very hungry.

A. even though B. in spite C. despite D. despite of

13. In spite _______, the baseball game was not cancelled.

A. the rain B. of the rain B. it was raining D. there was a rain

14. _______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car.

A. In spite B. In spite of C. Despite D. Although

15. _______, he walked to the station.

A. Despite being tired B. Although to be tired

C. In spite being tired D. Despite tired

16. The children slept well despite _______.

A. it was noise B. the noise C. of the noise D. noisy

17. She left him _______ she still loved him.

A. even if B. even though C. in spite of D. despite

18. _______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted.

A. In spite B. Even though C. In spite of D. Despite of

19. _______ they are brothers, they do not look alike.

A. Although B. Even C. Despite D. In spite of

20. Our new neighbors are quite nice _______ they are sometimes talkative.

A. despite B. in spite of C. though D. as though

21. _______ of the difficulty, they managed to climb to the top of the mountain.

A. In spite B. Despite C. But D. Although

22. _____________, he could not finish the job.

A. As hard as he work B. Despite he worked hard

C. Though he worked hard D. Although hard work

23. He went to work _____________ his headache.

A. despite B. although C. because D. because of

24. Despite the fact that _______, we enjoyed our trip.

A. the weather is bad B. it is a bad weather

C. the bad weather D. the weather was bad

25. Julie failed the exam _______ of working very hard.

A. despite B. in spite C. even if D. though

26. Tom went to work despite _______.

A. that he did not feel very well B. of the fact not feeling well

C. he did not feel very well D. not feeling very well

27. Though _______, they are good friends.

A. their sometimes quarrel B. to have a quarrel sometimes

C. they sometimes have a quarrel D. of having a quarrel sometimes

28. Despite _______, we arrived on time.

A. the traffic B. of the traffic

C. there was heavy traffic D. of there was heavy traffic

29. ___________it was very cold, she did not put on her coat.

A. In case B. But C. Even if D. Although

30. __________ rain or snow, there are always more than fifty thousand fans at the football games.

A. Despite B. Although C. Despite of D. Although

31. __________it was so cold, he went out without an overcoat.

A. If B. Since C. Although D. Because

32. We understood him __________ he spoke very fast.

A. because of B. though C. in spite of D. despite

33. _________ all my warnings, he tried to fix the computer himself.

A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In spite of

34. Hans finished school __________ his leg injury.

A. because of B. despite C. though D. because

35. I try to do my homework ___________ the noise

A. because of B. although C. despite of D. in spite of

36. ___________ it rained heavily, we enjoyed our holiday.

A. Because of B. Because C. Despite D. Though

37. ___________ having little money, they are happy.

A. Despite B. Because of C. Although D. Because

38. ____________ she was not well, she still went to work.

A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In spite of

39. We are going to have a picnic _____________ the bad weather.

A. because B. despite C. although D. because of

40. __________ his physical handicap, he has become a successful businessman.

A. Because of B. Because C. Though D. Despite

41. Although the sun was shining, __________.

A. it wasn’t very hot B. it was very hot C. yet it was very hot D. but it was very hot

42. Nowadays, the divorce rate is higher than it used to be________ young people are allowed to decide on their marriage.

A. despite B. but C. even though D. in spite of

43. _________ his poor health, Mr. Brown still works hard to support his family.

A. Despite of B. Despite C. Although D. Because of

44. I gave up the job ________ the attractive salary.

A. because B. because of C. although D. despite

45. _________ my father is old, he still goes jogging.

A. Although B. Because C. So that D. Despite
B. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

46. In spite her severe pain, she tried to walk to the auditorium to attend the lecture.


47. Despite of growing industrial activity, the majority of the American people continued


to make their living from farming until the beginning of the twentieth century.


48. Although our grandfather was old but he could help us.


49. He tried to explain, so she refused to listen.


50. He decided not to get that job in spite of the salary was low.


51. Although the bad traffic, I managed to arrive at the meeting on time.


52. In spite of my father is old, he still goes to work.


53. Though he loves her very much, but he can’t talk to her.


54. She always behaves childishly despite she has grown up.


55. Although the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.


56. Despite he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.


57. Although the time of the year, yesterday’s temperature was hot enough to turn on the


air conditioning.

58. In spite of the quantity was small, we had enough supplies to finish the experiment.


59. However she looks very young, she is twice as old as my-twenty-year old sister.


60. Despite of his smiling face, the second place contestant is sadder than the winner.


61. Gold was one of the first to be discovered despite it is one of the rarest metals.


62. Polar bears rarely kill people in spite they hunt other animals.


63. Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountain, the climbers decided not to


cancel their climb.


64. Although the harm of smoking, smokers can’t get rid it.

C. Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.

65. We stayed in that hotel despite the noise.

A. Despite the hotel is noisy, we stayed there.

B. We stayed in the noisy hotel and we liked it.

C. Although the hotel was noisy, we stayed there.

D. Because of the noise, we stayed in the hotel.

66. Young as he is, he has a big fortune.

A. Although he is young, he has a big fortune.

B. He has a big fortune because he is young.

C. He is not only young but also has a big fortune.

D. When he is young, he has a big fortune.

67. Despite the bad weather, people travel by air.

A. Even though the weather is bad, people travel by air.

B. Because the weather is bad, people travel by air.

C. In spite of people travel by air, the weather is bad.

D. Although the bad weather, people travel by air.

68. Although his leg was hurt, he managed to drive a car.

A. His leg was hurt. However, he managed to drive a car.

B. his leg was hurt. But he managed to drive a car.

C. Despite his hurt leg, he managed to drive a car.

D. In spite of the fact that his hurt leg, he managed to drive a car.

69. He was very tired but he kept on working.

A. Despite he was very tired, he kept on working.

B. In spite of he was very tired, he kept on working.

C. Though his tiredness, he kept on working.

D. Although he was very tired, he kept on working.

70. Although she was very old, she looked very grateful.

A. Despite she was very old, she looked very grateful.

B. Despite her old age, she looked very grateful.

C. In spite of very old, she looked very grateful.

D. In spite her being old, she looked very grateful.


1. C

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. C

6. A

7. B

8. A

9. B

10. C

11. C

12. A

13. B

14. D

15. A

16. B

17. B

18. C

19. A

20. C

21. A

22. C

23. A

24. D

25. B

26. D

27. C

28. A

29. D

30. A

31. C

32. B

33. D

34. B

35. D

36. D

37. A

38. C

39. B

40. D

41. A

42. C

43. B

44. D

45. A

46. A

47. A

48. B

49. B

50. B

51. A

52. A

53. C

54. C

55. A

56. A

57. A

58. A

59. A

60. A

61. C

62. B

63. A

64. A

65. C

66. A

67. A

68. C

69. D

70. B

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