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Project: Traditional herb medicine model - Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center


Traditional herb medicine model

1. Name of organization: Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center

Add: N0 022, Kim Dong street, Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang city, Cao Bang province

2. Project area and duration: Thanh Cong and Phan Thanh communes, Nguyên Bình district; Scheduled duration 2015- 2020.

3. Donor (if any): ………………………………………………………

4. Project context and problem analysis

Forests in Cao Bang generally and communes in Phia Den-Nguyen Binh district in particular have potentialities for economic development. The atmosphere in this area is unique compared to others in Cao Bang province, with the average temperature at 180 and 1500m to 1931m height above the sea level. There are many kinds of traditional herb medicines growing naturally in this area such as Rhizoma Polygonati, Achyranthes bidentata Blume, Panax notoginseng, Anoechilus... However, the herb harvesting practice of local residents is not sustainable, and people have not got any ideas about seedling or planting and developing some of these precious herbs. The analysis of chemical elements, seedling or transplanting, and processing technologies of these herbs have not been adequately carried out. In addition, there has not been a traditional herb farming model producing herb medicine to meet local inhabitants' needs.

Therefore, the Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center proposes to establish the “Traditional herb medicine model” in Thanh Cong and Phan Thanh communes, Nguyen Binh district.

In the province, Cao Bang Seed and Seedlings Joint Stock Company has carried out a project on “Establishment a model of advanced technology application in traditional herb medicine plantation and post-harvesting to produce commercial products in Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang”.

5. Approach and strategy to the discussed issue

- Methodology: Need assessment, project area identification and selection and selection of participating households.

- Implementation: Department of Agricultural and Rural development (DARD) manages, coordinate with Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center, communal and district extension officials and local people in the implementation of this project.

- Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center is the responsible unit with state-given functions on advanced technology transfer and pilot model establishment, therefore the Center is capable of implement this project.

- We call for investment resources from social-economic enterprises for this project.

6. Objective and expected results

- Establish a model with a total area of 10ha in 2 communes to pilot 4 traditional herbs including: Angelica sinensis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Phyllanthus urinaria L, Morinda officinalis How under forests.

- Carry out training courses for extension staff and farmers.

- The scheduled duration for this project is 5 years.

7. Main activities

- Selection of project area and pilot households (100 households).

- Carry out training courses;

- Find the seed or seedling suppliers.

- Planting, measuring and monitoring.

- Consolidation, evaluation and next planning

8. Project Implementation and Management

- Project owner and steering: Department of Agricultural and Rural development.

- Implementing organization: Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center

- Project partners: Projects in the areas, Universities, Research centers, District Agricultural and Aquatic Extension Center, grassroots extension staff, Seed and Seedlings Joint Stock Company, Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company.

9. Planned budget

The planned budget that for project intervention activities in 5 years is about VND (47.092 USD), 100% budget is donors' contribution (management fee is 10%).

Local farmers' contribution is in the form of land for plantation and laboring to take care of plants.

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