Okumura 620 Butterfly Valves

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OKUMURA 620 Butterfly Valves

Friction-Free Performance: Tough New Way to Tame Pressure Up to 20 Bar (290 psi)

The OKUMURA 620 Butterfly Valve features a patented “Touch” seat design that works together with an S-shaped disc to provide smooth, dependable bubble-tight shutoff and and extended service. The design accomodates working pressure up to 20 bar. (290 psi) and flanges comply with ISO, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN and JIS.

Friction-Free Performance: Tough New Way to Tame Pressure Up to 16 Bar (232 psi)

The patented “Touch” seat design permits the disc to close with virtuality no frictional contact between the disc and the valve seat. And so, there is virtuality no wear and tear on the valve’s internal structure. The construction ensures a low torque-to-size ratio and improved in-service performance over a conventional design.



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