Okumura 615x butterfly Valves

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OKUMURA 615X Butterfly Valves

  • Butterfly Valves for Construction and General Industries Offer Proven Low Torque and Long Service Life.

  • Wide Selection Range (40 to 1200mm), 100% Tight Shut-Off, Low Torque, Long Life Service

  • “Touch” Seat Design for Reliability and Low Cost.

The unique “Touch” seat design permits the disc to close with virtuality no friction between the disc and the valve seat, assuring leak-tight shut off. Extremely low torque is required to open and close the disc, allowing the actuator to be surprisingly compact and light, and improving cost-efficiency.

The “touch” seat designs minimizes wear on the seat ring. Each bushing mounted above and beneath the stem offers high wear and friction resistance, thus preventing galling and sticking, and assuring long life.



  • Pinless structure for trouble-free maintenance and operation.

The hexagonal stem is fitted into the matching hexagonal disc [nominal size: 40 to 600mm (1 1/2 to 24 inch)] without pins, thus providing a smooth disc surface with minimum resistance to fluid flow and assuring easy maintenance. A bushing and a plate are provided at the upper part of the stem to prevent the stem from pulling out of the disc.









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