I. phonetics (1pts): C. food B. grea

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I. PHONETICS (1pts):

  1. C. food

  2. B.great

  3. A. sport

  4. C. alarm


  1. B. am going to be

  2. D. Which made his father very angry

  3. D. How's everything at school?

  4. C.photographs/ photogenic

  5. B. for two months

  6. A. forty-five- minute tests

  7. A. won B. is winning

  8. A. That’s a great

  9. C. visiting

  10. B.had made/ took

  11. D. How far is it

  12. B. often goes to work

  13. A.talk in a friendly

  14. C.which

  15. C. The unemployed

  16. D. used to be


  1. I have trouble remembering my students' names.

  2. A new hospital for children has been built in our city.

  3. After he had done the homework , she played games.

  4. The rich should pay higher taxes than the poor.

  5. I used to eat ice cream when I was a child.

  6. The taxi driver who took me to the airport yesterday is very friendly.

IV. WRITING: (1.5 pts)

V. READING ( 2pts )

  1. B. Braille

  2. D.9

  3. B. The Many Forms of Communication

  4. A. When language is a barrier, people will find other forms of communication.

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I. PHONETICS (1pts):

  1. C. foot

  2. D. wrong

  3. B.ready

  4. A. habour


  1. A. are going

  2. D. What part of the school life didn't you like then

  3. B.time-consuming

  4. D. for two months

  5. C.which

  6. C. Well, it’s been nice meeting you.

  7. C. Sure

  8. C. which made it difficult to sleep

  9. B.telling

  10. B. photographed / photogenic

  11. D. used to be

  12. C. had made/ took

  13. A. often go

  14. C. the sick

  15. A.How far is

  16. B. won


  1. A new bridge has been built across the river.

  2. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.

  3. Before Peter became an engineer he had spent 4 years at university .

  4. The old are greatly respected by the young in our society.

  5. Brond used to drink a lot when he was a young man

  6. The taxi driver whom I met yesterday is very friendly..

IV. WRITING (1.5 pts):

V. READING ( 2pts )

  1. D. express thoughts and feelings.

  2. C.The deaf and mute use an oral form of communication

  3. A. spelling

  4. B. 9

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