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At that time, in the meeting there was a Bodhisattva whose name was Liberator standing up from his seat with right open shoulder and right knee kneeling on the ground respectfully talking to the Buddha: “In the image period, there will be many sentient beings meeting with many difficulties and dangerous accidents, such as skin-and-bone illness, anorexia, dry and hoarse throat. The family and friends surround the patient’s death bed crying, but the patient’s soul is confronted with his crimes in the presence of Yama, the Lord of Hades and the Spirit who was born at the same time with the patient and reported everything he did to Yama, ie good or bad deeds were all recorded in details. Yama will question about the patient’s previous bad deeds and thus has appropriate measures. The patient’s family members must know how to take Medicine Buddha’s refuge and invite monks reciting this sutra, lighting 7 rows of lamps, hoisting five-colored spiritual prolife flag or the patient suddenly revives remembering everything in his dream or the patient revives after 7 days or 21 days or 35 days or 49 days and knows everything good and bad he did, hence receives retribution for his crimes. All the family members and the patient must worship and together recite Medicine Buddha’s name and title and thus the patient will be – thanks to Medicine Buddha’s super natural power – liberated from hell right away!”

At that time Ananda asked Bodhisattva Liberator: “Can you tell how the good men and believing women respectfully worship the Medicine Buddha and how they light lamps as well as hoist prolife flag?” Bodhisattva Liberator answered: “Bhadanta, the patient wants to be saved from his miserable disease, he must – on 7 consecutive days and nights – comply with the first eight of ten commandments as well as offer foods, drinks, money to monks that will along with family members – 6 times a day – worship The Medicine Buddha and recite this sutra 49 times, illuminate 49 lamps, paint 7 Buddha’s images. In front of each image, light up 7 lamps and each lamp is as big as a wheel. The lamps must be continuously lighting up in 49 days. At the shrine there are many 49-span-long- five-colored pennants displaying. In 49 days of worshipping, family members must set free birds, animals in order to get more strong supports to overcome any danger, accident and evil ghost threatening ahead. Again, Ananda! When the country of warrior and ruling caste or that of an inaugurated king destroyed by many accidents: the people of country are suffered from diseases, epidemics or the country invaded by another one or the government overthrown by rebels or the weather – solar and lunar eclipse - abnormally changed, hence there is no regular rain and sun. All the sentient beings must take pity on prisoners by opening the jail to release them, complying with the above-mentioned methods of offering and worshiping the Medicine Buddha. Because of the combination of this good deed and the Buddha’s powerful vows, the whole country will happily live in peace. The clement weather will bring about rich harvests and all sentient beings will get recovery from diseases and epidemics living in happiness as well as in the country there will no more dangerous accidents or evil ghosts disturbing. All the evil diseases and sudden mishaps disappeared and thus longevity prolonged, everyone enjoys great benefits. Ananda! The persons are as follows: queen, king’s concubine, princess, crown prince, prince, great officer, loyal officer, laymen, etc tormented by many miserable and epidemic diseases, must prepare five-colored prolife pennants, lighting lamps, multi-colored flowers and releasing birds, animals, burning fragrant joss-sticks worshipping at the Buddha’s shrine, hence any diseases will be recovered and any mishaps be saved immediately!”

At that time Ananda asked Bodhisattva Liberator: “How do you save on- the- death-bed patient?” Bodhisattva Liberator answered: “You did not hear the Buddha talk about nine types of unexpected death, did you? This is the reason why we should hoist the prolife pennant, continuously light lamps and cultivate ourselves by doing good deeds. Because doing good deeds we won’t get sufferings at the final day of our life. Ananda asked: “What are the nine unexpected types of death?” Bodhisattva Liberator said: “Those sentient beings get slight illness, but they don’t have medicine or right medicine and doctor, therefore they have unexpectedly been died even they should have not been. Possibly, they believe in evil spirits or heresy or bad sorcerer boasting about luckiness and unluckiness, hence they get frightened and confused by obeying bad sorcerer’s order to kill many animals in order to worship bad ghosts. They’re ready to do everything to serve bad ghosts eagerly wishing for longevity and happiness but finally they’re in despair! Their stupidity and illusion about heresy lead them to unexpected death and uninterrupted Avici (hell). This is the first unexpected death. The second unexpected one is to be killed by Yama the Lord of Hades. The third one, people who like hunting, sexual desire, immoderate alchohol will be deprived of their own vitality and energy by Not- Men! The 4th unexpected one is occurred by a big fire. The 5th unexpected one is occurred by water drowning. The 6th unexpected one is chased by evil beasts. The 7th unexpected one is falling from mountain. The 8th unexpected one is killed by poisonous medicine, exorcism, evil mantras. The 9th unexpected one is died of hunger or thirst. Those are just nine unexpected deaths to be generally above-mentioned, there are still innumerable other types of mishaps.”

Again, Ananda! Yama, the Lord of Hades always remember everyone’s name. If any sentient beings commit undutiful crimes, five rebellious actions, violations of national laws, betray king, mandarins or blaspheming against natural moral law, they will accordingly be judged and punished by Yama. Therefore, all the sentient beings must illuminate the shrine, hoist pennants and release birds, animals and thus will be bestowed happiness, liberated from miseries and dangers.

At that time, in the meeting there were 12 following generals of Yaksa: general Kumbhira, general Vajra, Mi Qi La general, An Di La general, E Mi La general, Shan Di La general, Yin Da La general, Bo Yi La general, Mo Hu La general, Zhen Da La general, Zhao Du La general, Pi Jie La general. These generals came together with their seven thousand relatives to the meeting and simultaneously talked to the Buddha: “Thanks to the Buddha’s power we now know about Medicine Buddha, hence won’t be afraid of falling into evil paths. We unanimously take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sanghas and swear to support all the sentient beings’s burdens in order to bring about many benefits, safety and happiness to everywhere in cities, villages and even in jungles. If any people spread this sutra to the public or patiently recite the Medicine Buddha’s name and make offerings at the shrine, they will get our protections from any miserable mishaps. Their dreams will come true, their diseases will be healed. They had better embroider the Buddha’s name with five-colored silk thread to worship until their dreams come true!”

At that time, the Buddha praised the 12 generals of Yaksas: “Very good, Very good! Generals of Yaksas will help those sentient beings who frequently recite the Medicine Buddha’s name and title, get much benefits and happiness”

At that time, Ananda talked to the Buddha: “World-Honored One! What do you name this sect? We are waiting for its name so that we can obey and recite it.” The Buddha told Ananda: “This sect is named Lapis-Azuli-Light Medicine Buddha’s Vows and Merits. It’s also named “The Twelve Magnificient Vows and Mantra Beneficial to Sentient Beings” or “Rooting out all the bad karmas hindering to attain the Bodhi”

The World-Honored One’s preachings about the Medicine Buddha’s Vows and Merits went to an end! Everyone in the meeting blissfully understood everything heard of! All of them including Great Bodhisattvas, Hearers, Kings, High Officers, Bhramins, Residential Monks, Devas Nargas and Others of the eight classes, Yaksas, Gandharvas, Garudas, Kinnaras, Magha, Men Yet Not Men, etc, respectfully paid obeisance to the Buddha and departed.

(Mandarin, Chinese)

Nam Mo Bao Jia Dai Di Pi Sha She Ju Lu Xue Liu Li Bo La Po He La An Ye Da Ta Jie Duo Ye

A La He Di San Miao San Bo Tuo Ye Da Zhi Ta Om Pi Sha Shi Pi Sha Shi Pi Sha She San Mei JieDi So Ha (3 times)


Yao Shi Fo Yan Shou Wang Guang Lin Shui Yue Tan Chang Bei Xin Jiu Ku Jiang Ji Xiang.

Mian Nan Xiao Zai Zhang Chan Hui Zhong Deng San Shi

Zui Yuan Qi Fu Shou Mian Zhang

Ji Xing Gao Zhao Mu Yin Guang Ru Yi Bao

An Kang Ji Xing Gao Zhao Mu Yin Guang Ru Yi.

Bao An Kang
Ten thousands of sentient beings cultivate themselves with Discipline Meditation Wisdom

Thousands of families are attaining enlightened hearts that are as bright as Sunlight and Moonlight:

Eliminating all the accidents, prolonging the life spans and frequently enjoying permanent blissfulness!

Increasing happiness, merits and thus everyone’s welcoming the real spring on the whole World over!



Taking refuge in the Buddha! May all sentient beings clearly understand the Great Religion, hence well develop their Minds of Bodhi (Enlightened Minds)

Taking refuge in the Buddha! May all sentient beings be deeply penetrated of the Sutra, hence their wisdoms be immensely developed like ocean

Taking refuge in the Buddha! May all sentient beings reasonably solve all the problems, hence advance forwards without any doubt.

May three distressed hinderers be completedly eliminated! May everyone get truly brilliant wisdom!

May all types of retributive hinderers be eliminated and thus everyone can cultivate oneself with Bodhisattva’s method.
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