A smaller Gif 07 : Name: ragger/core s/n: yyy9W27Y

tải về 2.97 Mb.
Chuyển đổi dữ liệu28.05.2018
Kích2.97 Mb.
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Gin Rummy v4.2 : Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 527-633-627
GinRummy v7.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 419-515-632
GirlFriend Teri : s/n: 240-104343
Glenn Directory Compare v1.1 : s/n: 8236415
Glenn Directory Compare v1.2 : s/n: 8236415
Glenn Directory Printer v2.3 : s/n: 2618572
Glenn Super Text Search v2.0 : s/n: AG3158NK
Global Dialing Assistant v2.8.32 : Code: 489-4214-845
Global Diary v3.6 For Win95 : Name: SpriteX Code: 221
Global Diary v3.61 : Name: aerosmith Code: 139
Global Mines 1.1 : Name: delphic Code: 101204
Global PromoBot v1.71 : First Name: MoWAX [Nobliege] Middle Name: Registered Last Name: User Email: me@server.domain.name RegNum: 0000-00000 RegKey: 4FFF-FFFFF

Global TimeKeeper 1.6 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: g(?1JrW%)M

Global war (any version) : bbs: Gotham s/n: XE287RHXFYU
Global war (any version) (02) : bbs: XXX s/n: 1V685NSTWDR
Global War v?.?? : bbs: G.!.$ s/n: KD249BYCJKD or bbs: You! s/n: KB188JWPEUG
Glow & Sparkle : Name: DASavant [AnThraX] Code: ADLFBSWUKK
Gms ARM98 v1.0 : Name: Ringer Email: DaMan@HotMale.com Code: HJLN-PRTV702-XAC
Go Ahead Got It 3.0 : s/n: 9439 Key: 1635632
Go Ahead Got It v3.01 : s/n: 9439 Key: 1635632
GO-MOKU 95 V2.0 : Name: lgb [cORE'97] RegCode: DEE54BCACEF1
Godezip v2.01 : License: G1223344 Code: DIQFQIOD
GodeZip v2.0 P1 : License: G1234567 Code: DKRHTIOE
GodeZIP v3.0 P1 : Name: GEINZTEIN Code: DZmgf`ck
GodeZIP v4.0 : License: G66521142287151 Code: DFTDQMTCPQILGSO
GodFather oF CriMe v1.21 : sysop: The Masterboy bbs: The Hackers Paradies s/n: M5282
GoldDigger v1.0 : s/n: JC76542
Gold Digger Web Image Harveste v1.1 : Code: SJN3P4T
Golded v2.42 : (edit GOLD242.Key) line #1: REGISTERName TeLLeRBoP line 2#: REGISTERKey 0AE465142D1628192D7F63496452
Golden Bow Text Editor : s/n: 925613
Golden ComPass for OS/2 : (Press and hold C+A+S then hit R) s/n: RFB6409
Goldensoft Grapher V1.32 : s/n: ulmaceae!!
Golden Software Grapher v2.01 : s/n: $yardangs%
Golden Software Grapher v2.02 : s/n: takou126#s
Goldensoft Mapviewer V2.0 : s/n: aceraceae!
Golden Software MapViewer v3.04 : s/n: entisol24!
GoldMine for Windows 95 : s/n: 13021271-4997
GoldMine v2.5a for Windows : s/n: 10576345 or s/n: 10803999/5
GoldMine v3.0 for Windows(95) : s/n: 11428171950
GoldMine 4.00.822 Standard & Enterprise : Standard: D-0001-10313543-7G0LEH Enterprise: E-0001-10313543-Q9V2ZP
GoldWave +v3.03 for Windows : first Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last Name: G.!.$ s/n: WYNDKSC
GoldWave v4.00 : First Name: SYNICAL Last Name: FOREVER s/n: MJYDSQB
Goldwave v4.02 : First Name: DRAXXTER Last Name: SERIALS '99 s/n: BFAKXFC
Golf Handicap Calculator 98 : Password: petenme
Golf League Recorder v2.7 : Code: 496567619
Golf League Recorder v2.8 : Code: 496567619
Gomer HTML Editor v2.5 : Name: forcekill Code: G076236373345-10
Gomer Html Editor v2.52 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: G058043576917519145-10
Gomer Html Editor v2.53 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: G058043576917519145-10
Gomer HTML Editor v2.74 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: G058043576917519145-10
Goodsol99 v5.10 : Name: Manga Rosa [Crystal'99] s/n: 987685997
GoScreen v1.4 : s/n: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
GoScreen v1.6 Win9xNT : s/n: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
GoScreen v1.7 : Click the "?" and click the register button and enter: Code: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
GoScreen v2.0 : Code: 12301234-4176-9981446849007065
Gotcha 3.0 : Name: Guat Mulhin s/n: PS30001054 RegKey: HPWT8MQWUT
GotMail? v1.2 : Name: RingerDaMan Code: ZNHBAZCGHEF
GotoRun V1.1 : s/n: SIRAXDNG1998 Code: IPZASPDGSGMQ
GP ACSII-Help v1.02 : Code: 31065001
GP ACSII-Help v1.04 : Code: 31065001
GP Home Project v1.00 : Code: 3108975
GP KarCheck v1.04 : Code: 3104025
GPerf v1.1 For MS DevStudio 5.0 : s/n: 9956800
GPerf v1.1 For MS Visual Studio 6.0 : s/n: 9956800
GProxy v1.20 : Name: LOMAX s/n: 3627QSTWGCWVXBDWJ
Gproxy v1.25 : Name: DaeMoN-AVALON s/n: 4672YAHSVPJASCQOM
GPS 98 v3.1 : Name: NOBODY[UCF] s/n: AYQWFADJ
GPSdb v1.6 : Name: Gayla Rayworth s/n: 489-71651218-DB
GPSMap v1.015 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: aa200500754998
Grabber 1.2.30 : Name: vots n fjalar s/n: 143972713415
Grabber 32-bit 2.0.10 : Name: mrOSiS [VRS] s/n: 165895246250
Grabber v2.0.11 : Name: mrOSiS [VRS] s/n: 165895246250
Grabber v2.0.12 : Name: rICHES s/n: 129224887110
Grabber v2.0.15 : Name: mrOSiS [VRS] s/n: 165895246250
Grabber v2.0.17 : Name: mrOSiS [VRS] s/n: 165895246250
Grabber v2.0.18 : Name: zaarnik - BLiZZARD s/n: 161903307296
GrabIt Pro v6.0 : Name: TRPS s/n: 88450
GrabIt Pro v6.01 : Name: TRPS s/n: 88450
Grade Star v2.02 : s/n: 1134109090153
Grafix NetCalendar 32 v1.5 : Name: Vizion/CORE Email: CORE@WE.ROX.DA.WORLD s/n: 2240555
Grapher v2.00 : Password: *****foehn
GraphPad InStat v3.0 : s/n: GTA-50098-958
Graphics Equalizer Pro v1.5 : Name: Ringer Code: 4605
Graphics Server 5.1 : s/n: 10107A-51-99999
Graphics Workshop : Name: Batman s/n: 14231 or Name: XXX s/n: 7812 or Name: You s/n: 7839
Graphics Workshop 95 : Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop v1.1j for Windows : s/n: 65535

Graphics WorkShop v1.1p for Windows : Name: MarQuis De SoiR_e s/n: 26132

Graphics Workshop v1.1r for Windows : Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop v1.1u for Windows : Name: Me! s/n: 6149 or Name: You! s/n: 8153
Graphic Workshop V1.1y : Name: blastsoft s/n: 5322
Graphics Workshop v1.1y Beta 2 : Name: Attitude C.o.R.E s/n: 24145
Graphics Workshop v6.1 : Name: Okware s/n: 13845
Graphics Workshop v6.x and v7.x : Name: All s/n: 4333
Graphics Workshop v7.0e : Name: ??? s/n: 03983
Graphics WorkShop +v7.0f for Dos : Name: TGA s/n: 07182
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0a Beta2 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 27384-93-26050-21
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0a Beta3 : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 27384-93-26050-21
Graphic Workshop Pro 2.0a b4 : Name: Rebels PC s/n: 26653-55-25465-28
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0a Beta 5 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 21093-08-20313-08
Graphics Workshop Pro 2.0a Beta 6 : Name: Rebels PC s/n: 26653-55-25465-28
Graphics Workshop Pro v2.0a FINAL : Name: Versus s/n: 21093-08-20313-08
Graphic Workshop Pro v2.0.6 : Name: TCHAN98 s/n: 19444-85-18712-25
Graphic Workshop Professional v2.0a.P8 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 70972-90-27907-34
GrapIt Pro/32 v5.0x : Name: /* tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] /* s/n: 46399
Gravity : Name: David Corio Key: SJ77Y-VYGYY-5QXK6
Gravityball v1.42 : s/n: 1076-AZXV
GravityBox Active BarGraph ActiveX v2.1.122 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1E8F0D
GravityBox Active DoubleListBox ActiveX v2.1.18 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1FB483
GravityBox Active GanttGraph ActiveX v2.1.64 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1ECCD5
GravityBox Active Graphs ActiveX v3.0.15 Code: 1EE61B
GravityBox Active LineGraph ActiveX v2.1.105 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1F1A0F
GravityBox Active ListBar ActiveX v2.1.58 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1F2981
GravityBox Active Lists ActiveX v2.1.52 : Code: 217607
GravityBox Active NoteBook ActiveX v2.1.53 : Code: 2001BD
GravityBox Active PieGraph ActiveX v2.1.48 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 11F57D7
GravityBox Active Schedule ActiveX v1.0.44 : Code: 20E96B
GravityBox Active Toolbars ActiveX v3.01 : Code: 1F3431
Gravity Box Listbar v3.0 : Code: 146D9
GravityBox RegScrub v2.1.153 : To enter the code, load the activex component into an environment such as vb, then click on "about" property. Code: 1E7029
Gravity Verdict Law Office : s/n: GV-940606-6996-000111
Great Plains Accounting : s/n: MANAGER password: ACCESS
Greentree ActiveX Component Suite v1.0 : s/n: 110286075637
Greentree Active Control Pak v1.0 : Name: Ringer Company: GZI Code: 624814039570
GreenTree Active ToolBox v1.0a : Name: Ringer Company: GZI Code: 524814039534
GridBagger v1.4 : Code: 6749852g0002
GridWiz ActiveX OCX v3.55 : Code: Component Source Customer Company: (Anything) Password: to+ybus65lde&l
Grime v1.0 for LightWave-3D : s/n: C4H8-N0G60-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092
Grinning Shark Watch Your Back v1.50.17 : Name: dustie@blizzard.com Code: WYB-4791-6740-3229
Ground Control v1.01 : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 8032-8626-694
Ground Control v2.0 : Name: Shmooze RegNum: 2185-5552-3467
Ground Control 2.03 : Name: forcekill Code: 3621-5454-1933
Group Mail v 1.86 for 95/NT : Name: RTA Team Unlock: 7020000
Grouper v2.0 : gr1dv
GS98 Access Control v1.2 : Name: Pamela Bert Code: GS98-12601-dyVv-ygz
GS98 Access Control v2.3 : Name: Pamela Bert Code: GS98-12601-dyVv-ygz
GS98 Access Control v2.4 : Name: Pamela Bert Code: GS98-12601-dyVv-ygz
GS98 Access Control v4.0 : Name: Dino-SGM Code: GS98-66847-18066-94126
GSI Max Idea : s/n: 622022
GS ShopBuilder v1.1.0 : s/n: 5111-6111-8001-C002
Guard v2.50 : Name: Saitan s/n: 7d6a6279545b783e665b
Guardian Angel v1.0 : s/n: GA100ENCD-104568
GUEmap v1.01 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] s/n: qkfMKvrplSLBsesW
Guest Master v3.1.32 Standard Version : "Click on the Performance Technologies Limited icon" Company: DSI s/n: GM114000 (use GMxxxx00 format where xxxx is Check Number, then choose standard) Key: 1301490012
Guest Master v3.1.32 Advanced Version : "Click on the Performance Technologies Limited icon" Company: DSI s/n: GM114000 (use GMxxxx00 format where xxxx is Check Number, then choose standard) Key: 1301490012
Guitar Chords v1.2 : Name: High Voltage Phone: 666-666-6666
Guitar Pro 1.0 : s/n: XTROLIFCAWTRML
Guitar Pro v2.15 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: CEGIILNPQTWWWBDDVV
Guitar Pro v2.16 : Name: romeo s/n: NANAOBOBOBOBOBPBND
Guitar Studio v3.12 : First Name: BUL Last Name: BULDOZER s/n: 2342430
Guitar Studio v3.14 : First Name: IBH-RiP Last Name: Blizzard s/n: 1941842
Guitar Tutor v1.2 : Name: High Voltage Phone: 666-666-6666
GWD Text Editor v2.1 : s/n: GTE98/654-321
GWS/Win 1.1x : s/n: 26132 Name: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e
Help Express v1.21 : UserName: RED-93457 s/n: TFP-HE-29-04-83
Help File Helper v1.0 : At the initial screen enter: RegCode: 640426-22-4 At the second screen enter: Name: SiraX Company: CORE s/n: 123456-890
Help Magican Pro v3.0 for Windows : s/n: 97304.300.001
helpMATIC V3.1a : Name: entered Key: given out
HelpMatic Pro v1.2 : Name: SiraX/CORE Code: HMP180645036
HelpMatic Pro 1.21 : Name: Warp Code: HMP89126869
Help Scribble : name: SiEGE s/n: HScr-12816DA8B731C8F9
Help Scribble v2.10 : name: Hank Wang s/n: HScr-987654EC7581E8FB
Help Scribble 3.3.1 : Name: Riz la+ Code: HScr-1234561170C9E3AE
HelpScribble v3.5.1 : Name: HelpScribble s/n: HScr-052667SLFF1E978F434E
Help Scribble v3.5.6 : Goto Help/About and double click on the word Unregistered and enter: Name: DSi TeAM s/n: HScr-052667SLFFFD4123F0F2
Help Scribble v4.04 : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: HScr-052667SLFFFD4123F0F2
Help Star 4.2 : s/n: 971046
Help Writer's Assistant v1.10 for Windows : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 16268 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 6159
Help Writer's Assistant v2.1 for Windows 95: Standard Edition Name:You!!! s/n: 1561
Help Writers Assistant/Standard : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:11886
Help! 2.0 : 6949477
Helperware 4.2 : Name: Riz la+ Serial: 14126
Hermansson Locker 32 V1.0.2 : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: 6871000-L59
Hermansson Watchcap V1.11 for Win9x : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: 13533751-W59
Hermes v1.0 beta : Name: ag[ao^ s/n: dsidsi
HexDecCharEditor v1.0b3 : Name: Riz la+ [Phrozen Crew 1997] Code: 6309082
HexDecCharEditor v1.02 : Name: Smakkker [Laxity/GWA] Code: 6784890
Hex Miner v2.0 : Name: Fluke Code: 41547644
HexView v1.3 : s/n: 9072133084
HexWeb Typograph v2.0+ : Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: BA3C6AF20E1F3A63
Hex Workshop 2.10 : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:JN11mARQ
Hex Workshop v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 839134729 Name: mARQUIS
Hex Workshop v2.0 for Windows(95) : s/n: JN11mARQ regName: com/
Hex Workshop v2.20 (b5 32-bit) : Name: mARQUIS s/n: JN11mARQ org: dEUTSCHE bANK aG
Hex-Workshop v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 839134729 Name: mARQUIS
Hex Workshop 2.54 : s/n: MK121212
HH Screen Saver v1.60 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: YCYFWNZIZNWPVPYEWJXLZOXOWF
Hi-Cross v2.6 for Windows : s/n: 67657 licensnr: 163240
HighGrow v1.1 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 385-9015453-728
Highlighter v1.03 : Code: HT76-4321062
Highlighter v1.1.3 : Code: HT10-0000928
HighLighter v1.1.4 : Code: HT10-0000928
HighLighter v1.1.5 : Code: HT10-0000928
HighLighter v1.1.6 : Code: HT10-0000928
High Lighter v1.1.8 : Code: HT10-0000928
Highlighter v1.21 : Code: HT10-0000928
HighLighter v1.22 : Code: HT10-0000928
Highlighter v1.24 : Code: HT10-6789040
High Security v1.0 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 7545610lex75456106333711653
High Security v2.01 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW Code: 3246494351
High Security v2.02 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW Code: 3246494351
High Security v2.03 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW Code: 3246494351
Hijaack graphics suite for Windows : RYS4EKUU
Hijaack PRO v2.0 and v3.0 for Windows : RYXJ595D
HiJaak Graphics 95 for Windows 95 : s/n: RYEGHW59 or s/n: SVHV3V5H or s/n: 3TP0ZNUD or s/n: SBE4H6HM
HiJaak Graphic Suite : s/n: RBSMZN7X
HiJaak Graphics Suite v1.0 for Windows 95 : s/n: RBEM5WIR or s/n: KB3M56KT or s/n: 17EPHF1C
HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0 for Windows : s/n: 3B0P3WFA or s/n: 3YEM0WH1 or s/n: EB0GSWUT
HiJaak Import v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 1Y89UW5W
HiJaak Morph v1.0 for Windows : s/n: RYEGHW59
HiJaak Pro +v3.0 for Windows : s/n: RYXJ595D
HiJaak Pro 95 : s/n: KB0GUFFK or s/n: 0ts4zkhh
HiJaak v2.04 for Windows : s/n: RB2DZ9U5
HiJaak v3.0 for Windows : s/n: OBEPSF5B
HiJaak Pro 95 v4.0 : s/n: 32750D73
Hippie 97 HTML Editor : Name: j0b [pC] s/n: 000000R3X4XAF08
Hippie98 v3.0 : Name: PREMiERE Company: (Anything) ID: 12341234 Code: 12312333A22F808
Hippie 98 v3.1 : Name: pCsK8R Company: German Warez Alliance ID: GWA Code: GWA RULEZ
HiQ v4.1 : s/n: a12b34567
History Kill v1.0 : Name: Garnet Wright s/n: 111839209
HistoryKill v4.0 : Name: Unseen s/n: 741293018
HMView V2.0 Win95/NT : Name: SiraX Company: DNG Code: FFDVHAGHVPEB
HMView v2.05 Win95NT : Name: ALM DeTH Company: DSi Code: IFBPIWBCUTNC
HMView v2.1 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp Code: GHEOKBGLCVEB
HMview v2.2 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMview v2.21 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMView v2.22 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB

HMView v2.3 : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp Code: GEIUEWGHENEB

HMView v2.32 : Name: Tenten Company: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMView v2.33 : Name: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB
HMView v2.34 : Name: Warp Code: GGCUGDJJDNEB
Hockey Pong v1.3 : Name: DSG TeAM Code: 45178193
Hockey Statistics Manager v1.47 : League License: 802-199-911 Team License: 802-199-912
Holiday Card Organizer V97A : Name: TiC s/n: 413523530273
Holiday Lights v2.1 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: LIGHTHOUSE
Holiday Lights v4.01 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 493419745163
Hollywood FX v3.0 : s/n: TKW-0000000
Hollywood FX Silver v3.1.1 : s/n: HFXWI-310-129344-55T
Hollywood FX Silver v3.13 : s/n: HFXWI-304-001479-65Q
Hollywood FX Take32 v3.1.1 : s/n: T32WI-310-000000-14Z
Home Accountant v3.50 : s/n: IPMMZBOOXJOTMPX
Home Budget v3.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 1471166
Home Data Deluxe v4.0 : s/n: HOMEDATA1.5REG123
Home Design v1.1 for Windows : s/n: 0530140311
HomeSeer v1.1 : s/n: KT0100-3230C5000000 Code: Keware
HomeSite v 2.0 : Name: me Key: 236048161560
Homesite v2.5a : Name: EMX97 RegNum: 926395489000
HomeSite 3.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: HS30E-5027239867
HomeSite 4.0 b1 : s/n: HS30E-RB2723PC98
HomeSite 4.0 b2 : s/n: HS30E-RB2723PC98
HomeSite v4.0 RC2 : Name: TRPS98 Company: TRPS s/n: 259579679719
HomeSite v4.0 RC3 : Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - s/n: 259579679719
Homesite v4.0 RC4 : Name: Nordic 1998 Company: - s/n: 259579679719
Homesite v4.0 Final : s/n: HS40E-727612
HomeSite v4.0d (v4.01) : s/n: HS40E-9976125623
Homesite v4.0.1 Beta 2 : s/n: HS40E-9976125623
HomeSite v4.0.1 Beta 3 : s/n: HS40E-9976125623
HomeSite v4.5.2 : s/n: HS45EE-4830486666
Home Stretch v3.2 : s/n: 417693
Home Stretch v3.4 : s/n: 417693
Home Stretch v3.5 : s/n: 417693
Home Stretch Pro Suite : Code: 417693
HomeVault Document Management System v1.0 : Name: ratso s/n: 314159265453525150
HomeVault v2.00 : Name: Rex Ballinger s/n: 6053384367757010
HoneyICQ 1.0 : s/n: 7652136-1855231048
HoneyQ v1.12b : s/n: 100000-136500000
HoneyQ v1.2 : s/n: 23771-32447159
Horas v3.1 : s/n: 16193007-03040100
Hosts File Manager v1.0.5 : Name: 0 Company: (Anything) Code: 4A26AC268566365
Hot Banners v2.0.0 Beta : 17455 23077 24521 25495 or 34453 42205 43927 46829
Hot Banners 2.0 : Choose "Purchase Now" Code: 24521
Hot Chili v2.0 : Name: pank s/n: 1765-7654-8765
Hot Chilli v2.5 : Name: Crystal s/n: 1765-7654-8765
Hot Corner v1.2 for Windows : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 3088-29926-1673-333
Hot Disk : s/n: 00545-HD-10
HotDog Express v1.51 Win9x/NT : ID: ID-3GZ6-X4JR-MSGD-9LBS Key: RK-RG87-GKZH-ZQU7
HotDog Express v1.52 : ID: ID-KAGF-F43G-2T66-UV78 Key: RK-7CC7-LH24-9E3W
HotDog Pro 32 v3.0.7 : Name: PoD Expiry Date: (Leave Blank) Registration Key: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotDog Pro v2.51 WEB Editor for Windows 95: Name: Andre Lagua Expire Date: (Leave Blank) Key: 03PU48N03A13VZJU5X0D
HotDog Professional v3.08/v3.09 : Name: PoD s/n: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotDog v2.07 for Windows 95 : Name: R. David Stirling Code: 0DY1AWRZZL9MZ93JQ8WV CO: (ANY) DATENONE!)
HotDog Professional 4.0 FINAL : Name: Breed s/n: 026E0RNHE1RY8PTLX7TM o/n: 9708070130030000006 Reg Key: 44916748291441434682444512985418
HotDog Pro v4.02 Win95/NT : Name: Shock s/n: 021HUJ772YA593E9KBJE
HotDog Pro v4.03 : s/n: e29c6af68ffd1674af797e0a11d983ff Offline: s/n: 84951648470431586188854382496904
Hotdog Professional v4.54 : ID: da11851fa1b6b139e84e8102b5354501 Order Number: 9801312224000000002 RegKey: 65920378997438947793434483320166
HotDog Professional v4.56 : ID: 177ca3fdd0159cd12b55e5360dd54c3e RegKey: 74452848517935241686845567420916
HotDogPro v5 Webmaster Suite b4 : ID: ID-0122-B361-0320-B163 Key: RK-DQU8-8DBG-2359
Hot Dog 5 Webmaster Suite Public Pre-Release 2 : ID: ID-5173-C421-5371-C623 Key: RK-UQ6R-8S66-2359
HotDog v5.0 Professional : ID: ID-EFIX-A123-B789-C456 Key: RK-K86T-QC8C-5655
HotDog Professional v5.5 : ID: ID-SFYH-KVFV-UZEQ-KPYE Key: RK-77QA-T6L7-LGS8
HotDog Professional v6.5 : ID: ID-PALX-7IZK-187Y-SQI3 Key: RK-BGR2-A3X5-7972
HotDog Pro Webmaster Suite v5.5 : ID: ID-PREMIERE-IN-99` Key: RKB7L2UDKQ7972
Hot Dog Web Page Editor 3.0.X : Name: PoD s/n: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF
HotFax MessageCenter v3.0 : s/n: 92378-HF-30 Key: FB32-DA5B
HotKey v1.0.365 : Name: 12:125> s/n: 6134567
Hotkey v1.0 : In System Tray, Right Click, and go to registration and enter: Name: Claire Sampson Password: DOHLUF)VFNYVHM
Hotkey v1.0.418 : Name: MARK HAUBER s/n: 00011-odaf-01900
Hotline Server beta 4 : Name: [k]rack Works Code: FIWRMMKEDFHDOD
HoTMetaL Pro v5.0 : s/n: SQHC0 03A4C 877C5

HotSpot 2.0 : Name: jake s/n: s400,913,*113

Hour Glass 98 v3.5.5 : 100 Users: 385647504353919679733622
HR Manager v3.1 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 970100007035
HR Suite v3.0 : Name: dba s/n: sql
HSG HelpMatic Pro v1.22 : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: HMP390636840
HsLink +v1.21+C9 : (type this at your prompt) HsLink (brand) 0001 1S2B58H
Hslink DLP (for Procomm+ v2.x for Windows): s/n: 0001 Code: BSB258H
HsLink DLP for Windows : s/n: 0001 Code: BSB258H
HsLink ExTerNal : s/n: 00654
Hslink v1.21 : (type HSLINK (brand) **** *******) 0001 1S2B58H
Hslink v1.21 beta 9 : s/n: 123 Code: 1E7H7P9
HsLink v1.21bC9 (type this at your prompt): HsLink (brand) 0001 1S2B58H
HTM-Alien v1.0 for Win98 : s/n: ENC5143003641458IMGR8UNO000-ALIEN-699-001
HTMASC : Name: Warp98 Code: 60467
HTMASC 2.3 : Name: Warp98 Code: 60467
HTML Color Blender v2.21 : Name: RayBieZ cRacKiNG Code: B3ISP00O98
HTML Compressor v1.0 : s/n: 37846589
HTML Compressor v1.94 : s/n: 37846589
HTML Dir v2.0.1 for Windows : Name: Omega [Weapon] s/n: 193CC544C514635E029E466E7233
HTML Dir v2.01 : Name: Ringer s/n: 193FC45CAD20A0
HTML Edit v1.1 : s/n: HTML-8976-REG-EDIT-180 Product: HTML Edit Name: (anything)
HTMLed Pro v3.0.4 : Name: Bisoux Company: KAC s/n: P1062472631
HTML Executable 2.5 Professional : Name: Mario Riccio Company: TRPS RegCode: HE3812777-MA27498-563486 Password: GO6PMQ98MCK12SGDG47
HTML Genie v1.3c : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 266574174794
HTML Image V1.0 Win95/NT : Code: Bark!-0001-0001-0006
HTML Notepad 2.0 : Name: Saltine s/n: 1392946720113471
HTML Notepad 2.01 : Name: surva / pC96 s/n: 0914641308188280
HTML Notepad 2.01 (2) : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 4771850665513508
HTMLed PRO Version 2.5 : RegCode: P-2330-8154-4067
HTMLed Pro 3.0b1 : Name: Rampage Company: Rampage98 s/n: P1111000000
HTMLed Pro v3.0b3 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: P929000006666
HTMLed Pro v3.0.2 : Name/Company: Tchan s/n: P529000007777
HTMLed Pro v3.03 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: P929000006666
HTMLGate Pro v4.0 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 123pham321
H-a-L v1.01 : Name: Spider]PC98 s/n: 2136C743C54ACE4DDF420923
Halcyon v6.05.01 : Name: DARKWING s/n: 555757424132
Half-Life : s/n: 2708-43011-3323 (Only to install. It doesn't work for internet play)
HaLWorks v2.0 : ID: GLoW s/n: H232811EC2D6 or ID: draXXter [Faith2000] s/n: H23C55DD242F40D13C782B19E6EB349F3431F2638F16
Hammond Rust Personal Assistant v3.5 : s/n: HRS-31-981045
Handy v1.17 32-bit : s/n: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7
HandStamp Pro : s/n: 0110-2117114-31168
HandyPrint98 v2.63 : Name: JoGy [LAXiTY] Code: 193304
Handy spell v1.1a : Name: Exeron s/n: HS151893888
Handy Spell 1.1c : Name: VERSUS 1998 RegKey: HS179256440
Hangar v1.2 : First Name: davy Last Name: blizzard s/n: GDA-7001345
Hangman v2.0 : s/n: 194-WKASR-0948
HangMan v2.028 : s/n: 194-WKASR-0948
HangMan v2.029 : s/n: 194-WKASR-0948
Hangman Deluxe v1.0 : Name: GLoW Code: 142304666696696
Hangman's Challenge v1.0 : s/n: 9712597
Hang Sim PRO v2.5 : s/n: NS-100-000-001
Hang Sim v3.0 : s/n: ID58022039
Hanson Corporate Navigator v2.0 : Email: ryder@ucf.com s/n: CN- 11673
Happy Calendar v1.4 build 87 : Name: n03l Code: 64688111227412381425
Happy Calender v1.4 : Name: SiLicon Surfer Code: 473365184073
Hard Copy v1.1 : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] Code: JUUXee9SuM
HardCopy 1.2 : Name: tKC/PC 98 s/n: 1tTwTh9USS or Name: The Keyboard Caper s/n: PQUVXXkFt3
Hard Copy v1.3 Win9X/NT : Name: DSi TeAM s/n: vugaYWAN1g
HardCopy v1.31 : Name: Manga Rosa s/n: 3Gnff4Rtf5
HardCopy Pro v1.5 : Name: Bisoux s/n: StfsgiYKMT
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